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ACC - Lamborghini Huracán GT3 - VTK 1.0.0 + Dynamic Colour Tyre temps + extras 1.0.0

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Dashboard

    *Unzip, open the folder, double clic and install*

    Hi, It's my first project. It's the Lamborghini GT3 Dashboard with a few tweaks and extras (detailed below ).
    It was hard to learn about make the dasboard, because I don't know about programing, and javascript. A lot of weird things happends (incompatibles fonts between "secondary monitor/phone/tablet"... and more) and I reworking to fix it. Maybe it's not perfect but I think It's ok for now. :)


    + Colour dinamic tyre and brakes temperatures (experimental, ***Colours just match with Lamborghini GT3 for AC Competizione on Dry Tyres on 0.1.2 version Early Access*** You can use on other sims as well, the numbers of the temps will be right but colour not).

    + A display page with Flag system and Sectors that indicate with colors your personal best sector (purple) or normal sector (green). (Delta, possition, lap number, laptime, gear, air temp. and road temp included).
    Please Check compatibility notes at the end of the thread.


    Idle Screen that shows GPU temperature, CPU temperature and local time. (*I don't know if it work in all systems, It should).

    Page 1 of display, (P1 Screen) - That shows the normal dates of the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 of ACC. I tweak the delta time to show green colour o red colour, depends on the time you do (Example: -1.050 Green/+3.460 Red).

    Important note about deltas: It requires one lap to work.
    All deltas have the colour tweak (except the retro LCD screen).

    P1 Screen - Fuel total: I have added a gradiant color to the green original box. Now If you run off of fuel the colour: Green: 30 or mor Liters >>Orange: 5 Liters>> Red 1 or less Liters of fuel.


    In order to all data of the display work correctly. The games should provide telemetry data. If the game don't provide it, it's impossible to put in the display.

    + Assetto Corsa Competizione (in version 0.1.2 EA):

    I'll expect that in future updates they will add more telemetry. At now only the basics work (rpms, speed, pressures, brake temps, tyres temps general, tyre temps: inner, midle and outter of the tyre, air/road temp).

    ***If the game update the telemetry the data will work because it linked. Not neccesary to update the dashboard.***

    Note about tyre/brake temps dinamic colour: If the game and conditions of the tyres change, maybe don't fit with correct colour.

    Flag system don't work yet on ACC. but it's the same point of the telemetry. When it'll be added, it'll work.

    + Assetto Corsa:

    Map (engine), Toil (oil temperature), Tmot (water temperature), don't work. It not have telemetry.
    ABS and TC work.

    ***Flag system work good on this game*** Try it!.

    + Project Cars 2:

    Toil and Tmot work fine. Map/abs and tc not.

    + Raceroom Racing Experience:

    Flag system work but not... some flags work (yellow flag, finish, pitlane). Black flag don't work.

    I dont have more games/sims to try if it work on all.
    If you have other racing games tell me on the comments to put what work or not in the compatibility list.
    If there are any data that is wrong let me know to update it.
    Thanks and enjoi It.

    ***When you install the file, simhub rename it as: "ACC - Lamborghini Huracán GT3 v3 - VTK" -> It was the name of the internal version. But is the final version. :D
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Recent Reviews

  1. ALFoneZ
    Version: 1.0.0
    Good job!!!! Please add led indicators!!!
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