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AC weather mod pack. 1.0

Sun, Clouds and Rain at your finger tips.

  1. hazy
    This is a updated compilation of my previous weather mod + Cloudy weather type.

    Backup your original files.

    To run this mod - extract "epic AC" to your AC installation folder / system / cfg.

    After doing so, you should have three additional folders there.

    To switch weather simply go to the corespondent folder, copy all files and paste the to your AC installation / system / cfg folder.

    Among many changes - the "rainy" part is now much more accurate to what it would look like, meaning - everything is now grayish instead of blueish and the track is brighter compared to the sky then before.

    The "cloudy" is currently the worst looking IMO but I'll work on it some more latter.

    But the "Sunny" is what I'm mostly proud of, just look at those colors.

    As always I recommend using HDR for this mod because it adds effects and makes brightness adjusting much easier by tapping Page Up or Down.

    To benefit the most from this mod I recommend adjusting your displays setting using this site, don't if you're absolutely sure that your display is adjusted in the best possible way.


    A quick tut :

    Black Level - adjust display so that square 1 will be barely visible but square 2 should clearly stand out of the background (square 1 not visible ? - lower Contrast)

    White Saturation - adjust display so that square 254 will be barely visible but 253 should clearly stand out of the background (square 254 not visible ? - lower Brightness)

    You can always fallow the whole site and do what they tell you.

Recent Reviews

  1. wuyanping2002
    Version: 1.0
    very good!
  2. Rocky Subra
    Rocky Subra
    Version: 1.0
    Adds some great variety to the game. Cloudy looks excellent
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