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Abarth Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Rally | Simple Race Liveries

Abarth Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Rally | Simple Race Liveries 2020-05-06

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Hello There!

I've been a fan of this car for a while now so I've decided to create some non-sponsored liveries for it. There are in total 16 skins in this pack. However these aren't all unique. There are two styles of liveries with 8-8 variations to them. I've made this pack last year but I thought I'd share them.

These skins are made for simple races ,not rally but feel free to use them where-ever you want them.
REPLAY S2E1 (11).jpg
REPLAY S2E1 (10).jpg
REPLAY S2E1 (9).jpg
REPLAY S2E1 (4).jpg

If you end up using these in some videos or streams feel free to let me know and I'll check them out in my free time.

Have a good day or night!
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    REPLAY S2E1 (3).jpg
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