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Abarth 500 EsseEsse - Patcha Pack

Abarth 500 EsseEsse - Patcha Pack 1.4.1

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VERSION 1.4.1 (June 14, 2016)
- Better metal reflexes on white body parts
- Better tissue reflexes on crew's suits
- New preview images, created with official Kunos tool

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Hi all!
From today this Skin will became a Skin Pack, including my other skin for this car "White Red & Black" and eventually other future skins for this car.
(Here you can find old deprecated topic for WR&B skin: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/skin-deprecated-abarth-500-white-red-black.8805/ ).

The first topic will be edited to store both skins history and screens, and also the new link to download them (the zip file has an new name).

But there are further news!
Obiviously skins aren't untouched from last November 13th!
Here the list of changes and some further screens (info also available in the first post):

- New drivers' suit and gloves. Compatible with new AC 1.5 drivers.
- Skin rebuilded using official Kunos template layers (they was originally from 100% "homemade" templates).
- New color for external plastic, aligned with Kunos official skins.
- New back plates normal mapping (expecially MIYR plate).
- New external reflexes (both) and opaque vents (MIYR).
- Both skins now became a single pack, and also zip name is changed.

["White Red & Black" skin, in case you don't remember it. :) ]

[new normal mapping on MIYR back plate]

[new gloves, here on an KTM X-Bow, but just to have much more sunlight. :) ]


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  • 500WRBNewBPlate.jpg
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VERSION 1.3 (November, 13 2015)
- New back plate compatible with AC 1.3.

VERSION 1.2 (January, 30 2015)
- New driver's suit, helmet and gloves. Aligned with other Abarth skins style and compatible with AC 1.0.2.
- New crews' suit and gloves. Aligned with other Abarth skins style and compatible with AC 1.0.2.
- New box's tarpaulins, aligned with other Abarth skins.
VERSION 1.1 (April, 19 2014)

Hi all! I released a 1.1 version with a modification I always wanted to do from when I did Fenice Milano version of Abarth 500 (and I learned to modify so much 500 skin files and its effects).

It's just a detail, but makes the difference: vents on the hood are now opaque. ^_^

And also DDS are now compressed with official nVidia tools and the zip name changed (just a letter! :D ).

You're curious about the difference? Well... probably not... but in case... here you find old and new version preview. ^_^




  • ac_abarth_500_patcha_miyr_10.jpg
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