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A Helmet 1.0

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Nice stuff as always... Thanks for all your effort and your hard work for all community and all peoples who love a better quality game... F1 game is nothing without ML2166 Mod :D :D :D ... Again thanks :)))
Outstanding job as usual. I still don't get those who down-rated your mod and yet they don't have a single clue about modding. They just keep critising others work while not knowing the effort and time that has put into the mod.

Just ignore those. They ain't worth your time anyway. For me you are still number one on this site and I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with me
not bad
Better than your stuff though ehh. Oh wait you don't have any!!
thanks again..
Incredibly realistic job!!!
Thank you,great stuff.
Superb! Thank you!
a clue is a Spanish driver who driving for Ferrari and will join McLaren next year :p

nice work ML =)
At least someone understands the upload as it was intended. Thank you kind sir. :)
No Pictures.
Not very intelligent are you. It was mean't to be like that as a joke. If you read the description again you might get it given enough time. You seem to mark things down that do not suit you or that you fully understand. Yet you have managed to produce nothing for the community yourself, but are critical of all other work nearly. READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY!!! The clues are there. Just for you I'll alter the text a little bit, help you along a little.
thank you
Thank you.