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90s DLC Pack - FW21 Real Sponsors (No Backwards Textures) 1.2

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Backwards textures have always annoyed me when F1 livery mods are created, so here's the 1999 Williams FW21 with real life tobacco sponsors everywhere, except for where textures get flipped due to Codemasters livery limitations.
Highlights include the Winfield Kangaroo logo and Woody Wookpecker on the nose!

The only missing sponsor on the Williams is Veltins on the engine cover, which is replaced by the standard black bars from the original game livery.

Also included in this pack is a clean 1999 Ferrari F399, with the ugly white block on the nose replaced with the standard body colour, and the white block on the engine cover incorporating the Marlboro triangle, unfortunately with no text due to flipping textures. The Marlboro logo is also added above the drivers' name next to the Ferrari logo.

Big thanks to ML2166 & Geckarbor5LP for the excellent liveries which inspired me to even make these in the first place.

Drag and drop all folder contents to f12013 directory to install liveries. Enjoy!
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Latest updates

  1. Added raceload.jpk

    For ease of installation
  2. Improved main_specoc DDS files

    No longer have background remnants from original game liveries such as slightly visible...
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