3131 skins to Ka0s Dashboard 1.01

1M two skins and 4K

  1. Feliciano da Silva
    My idea is to make all official road cars of the game, which will have several variants as the brand has. I started some cars, and in collaboration with ka0s I try to be as faithful as possible. In all variants will be a 4K version, it is only twice the size.

    This application is very nice, because it only have what you want and how you want. I advise you to install one of two versions (4K or not) as your monitor, because they will be many and all are some Gb.
    My skins are not default skins, the correct values only work in
    corresponding car, but the application allows you to choose the car for each.
    It is also possible, e.g. if they feel the steering wheel small, copy the folder "steering" in the 4K version and replace the existing one.
    1M.png 1M_Night.png 4k_1M.png 4k_1M_Night.png
    I hope you enjoy, happy new year.

Recent Reviews

  1. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Version: 1.01
    Any chance you can do a MPH version for us UK drivers, that would be fantastic
  2. Ovidiu Barabula
    Ovidiu Barabula
    Version: 1.01
    Nice work! Glad to see more work is being put into this project!
    1. Feliciano da Silva
      Author's Response
      Tank you! I will, one per week.
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