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2CV for 2CVRT Classic Class racing 1.2

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Hi all,
Hereby my re-tuned version of the 2CV originally made by Uncle M.
This 2CV is tuned to match the stock class 2CV we race at Spa every year during the 24H race for 2CV's.
Low grip, low power, bad handling, this car has it all. You need a calendar to measure laptime at Spa.... ;)

This version is tuned to match our own 2CV Dyane in laptime and handling.

For the ones that don’t believe in the speed of a 2CV at Zolder, Belgium:

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Latest updates

  1. Updated version 2CV

    used al tips and comments to make it better. ;)

Latest reviews

I think is a good car but I have some troubles with it. First is the steering wheel; I don't know if is about my configuration but this is the only car is too hard and I don't feel the car and the track. Another problem I have is the sound! When the engine arrives at the limit cuts all the sound.
Anyway, is a very good start! I don't know everything about modding but I know when I remove or save a car, and this car will be in my library. Thank you mate!
Does it even brake? I love this car, you just throw it into the corners, and the shifter position reminds me a lot of my renault 4 of which sadly I've not found a good mod.
As a 2CV owner, I can attest that this is a very accurate model. I love it!
Haha This is epic. I used to rallycross with the 2cv's in the Netherlands. This is proper fun
it is ok but a little "blocky".
This is just FUN! Good Job! Do you have a skin template to make competition skins?
Everybody seems concerned about Uncle M's permission.
Does Uncle M make his mods from scratch? Humm!
My childhood car...can you made blue-sky skin?
thank's for the update, it's a lot better now with manual gears. as to apex11's comment, yes you are right I misspoke, it is not that is has too much grip, but more that it too stable when cornering and changing direction "quickly". Perhaps that is what the 2CV really feels like, I have no idea.
no problem...
We just had an 8h race this weekend at Zolder, Belgium. In fact our 2CV drove almost 10 seconds faster than in Assetto Corsa. So in the sim its too slow!
In real I did the first three corners flat out without lifting. Pretty scary but the car seems to be faster than the sim!
I will upload a movie from that first corner. It shows what you can do with a almost stock 2CV.
Do you have uncle m permission for this modification?
if you are not modding with knowledge how can you edit something?
I do not understand what this does here...
I guess I have now. He didn't answered my questions for a while so I started working on his car way before he stated that I had to ask permission for modding.
We talked about it. Its ok now.
This is so much fun to drive, i really enjoy the lack of horsepower
Just gonna say...

Honestly Got this for the appeal that:
- you are after getting it to be realistic
- people are hating on your content... Forgetting the fact its a ****ING first post (Cough Cough pardon my language). And should seriously cut some slack... This is why some modders in other communities remove their 100% legit content... (Cough Cough Skyrim Modders removing mods due to political issues).
- And for some moral Support :)

Keep at it! Hope to see more updates, and functionalities with Sol, BLM Lights/ BLM Car as well ;)
Only for stars because it overrides M.Uncle version. Please rename yours.
No problems with that.
I tried to rename it but when I do AC crashes when loading the car.
I followed instructions from youtube. Didn’t work....
Thank you.
Just keep your hard and good work.
Don't listen the 'I'm the trully SIM racer in the planet' rubish.
Its my first post and first mod, what do they expect?
My goal was to create a model as close as possible to our real Classic class race 2CV we can use to train our drivers new tracks.
It does the job perfectly.

Shifting like a real 2cv is not possible anyway. I have never seen that umbrella like sim gear shifter as to be found in a real 2CV.
far too much grip, uses sequential shifter...wtf?
As stated, the car is tuned like our real race 2CV. We race normal street tires and I can assure you this is the real deal. Laptimes at Spa are +- 4:25, just like real life racing.
A 2cv with paddle shifter ! Ridiculous !
I have no manual shifter, sorry...
Change the settings if you like it to be different..
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