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24 Hours of Le Mans 2000 Panoz Motorsports LMPs

24 Hours of Le Mans 2000 Panoz Motorsports LMPs 2020-12-23

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Started these skins for the 2000 ALMS season, but there seems to be an interest out there for Le Mans skins. While we all await to see if a BMW LMR ever sees the light of day, I have made a few minor modifications and now will release these "Paveys" in their Le Mans form.

Despite a lot of interest in Mario Andretti's comeback Le Mans attempt, the best-finishing Panoz (#12) saw a fifth-place result, 26 laps behind the winning Audi.

#11 Panoz Motorsports LMP-S (Brabham/Magnussen/Andretti)


#12 Panoz Motorsports LMP-S (Katoh/O'Connell/Raphanel)


With a special thanks to bumblebeetuna for the 24 Hours of Le Mans decals​

Latest updates

  1. Correction of Splitter Texture Issue

    Correction of missing Michelin logo from RGB (only showed on Alpha).

Latest reviews

The mandatory 5 stars for your work
As great as always! Big thanks for your hard work on these skins mate, always a welcome addition!
Absolutely beautiful, great work ! ;-)
Thanks a lot for sharing your talent, I'm impressed by your work on the helmets too.
Nice work!
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