2012 Firestone Firehawk Indycar Tyres 1.7


  1. aagancia
    As requested by some, here is the Firestone Indycar set...


    *actual Firestone treads

    Installation instructions:
    1. Copy contents of the “default” folder into your F1 2012 installation folder. The default installs tyres as seen above.

    OPTIONAL Render Materials file:
    Select the option you wish to apply, then copy and overwrite the render_materials.xml located in your “..\F1 2012\cars” folder

    1. No “Set 3” mark- removes the “Set 3” mark from the Super Soft and Medium tyres
    2. White band on soft tyre- Soft tyre is replaced with white band tyres as seen below…

    3. Pirelli style colors- changes soft to yellow band tyres and medium to white...


    4. Pirelli style text colors- “Firestone Firehawk” text only, changes color per compound.