1994 Williams V12 skin 2015-08-25

A skin for the Formula V12 of Ayrton Senna's 1994 Williams F1 car.

  1. Tal
    Here is a "quick" skin I made for the Formula V12, of Ayrton Senna's 1994 Williams F1 car.
    This is the first time I try to completely imitate a real-world livery, since this is only my 4th (or 5th) skin ever. It's not 100% accurate (well, you can't be completely accurate because the V12's aren't structurally the same as this car of course), but I did my best.




    On track:


    NOTE: The helmet is not included in this mod (I didn't do the helmet skin, I downloaded externally)

    Feedback is most welcome
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Recent Reviews

  1. hex
    Version: 2015-08-25
    Great skin! Thanks :)
    (RIP Ayrton)
  2. Enzo Fazzi
    Enzo Fazzi
    Version: 2015-08-25
    Far better than to be expected from a beginning (c)artist. Pretty high detail and everything is in the right place. Some of the Reiza skins are off center and stuff, and this one isn't.