1968 Lotus 49 Skin Set 1 1.01 RC

Lotus 49 1968

  1. juluka
    1968 Lotus 49 skin set version 1.0 (12-29-13)

    Researched and Painted by juluka
    Model and template by AC

    Simply drop files where you have AC loaded on your hard drive into: Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\lotus_49\skins

    They will not overwrite anything.

    This is set one of three that will be forthcoming. There are 7 skins in the first set.

    In the first set you will find the 2 1968 green liveries that Clark and Hill ran in the South African Grand Prix.

    You will also find Clark and Hill's 2 Tasman Series 49T skins they ran in the winter of 1968.

    I included versions of Hill and Clark's Lotus 48 skins they ran at Germany in that fateful F2 race.

    Finally, I included Hill's F1 49 skin he ran for Lotus winning the Spanish Grand Prix.

    Skins have already been completed and are being prepared for upload of some of the mid-season races.

    Hope these are enjoyable to most.

    Special thanks to Kunos for this sim and bringing fun back into modding.


    1. Screenshot_lotus_49_monza66_13-12-2013-23-55-19.jpg
    2. Screenshot_lotus_49_monza66_14-12-2013-0-17-35.jpg
    3. Screenshot_lotus_49_silverstone_12-12-2013-18-25-4.jpg
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    5. Screenshot_lotus_49_silverstone_13-12-2013-21-5-30.jpg

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