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1968 Indy 500 Skin Pack for Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose"

1968 Indy 500 Skin Pack for Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" 2.2

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For some reason I've decided to re-create the grid for the 1968 Indy 500 using Pessio's excellent RD1 Porknose as the basis. You can download the car here

There are about 30 cars in total, this pack contains the first 10, so more will follow. at some point.

They are not close to being 100% accurate, as trying to find clear pictures has been hard, The Open Wheel website has been my main source, plus other Google searches. I've basically used period-correct sponsors and logos if I can't work out what the real thing is - and the general colours are as close as I can be bothered to get! ;) :)

Anyway, enjoy.

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Latest updates

  1. Better AO, minor graphical tweaks

    Updated some colours plus all cars now have a better AO, which for some reason didn't translate...
  2. Sorry, in my haste I attached the wrong file

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry
  3. Pack updated with @Hoksu tyres

    I've now updated all the cars using the excellent tyre pack from @Hoksu - this pack contains an...

Latest reviews

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Fantastic work painting this year skins.
Thank You !!
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Nice work! Thanks very much.
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These are really great. Thanks for sharing.
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=) Thanks
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Totally Awesome work creating these historic paint schemes. I will be waiting for your further efforts on the remainder of the 1968 Indy season. Thank You for sharing these with us
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0k F1 Skins =)
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this is so great i have never seen these cars in a game before and the porknose fits it perfectly. i would love to see 1970 as that was a great year. but thank you so much
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Great collection! Just like being there (as I think I was...or maybe it was '67). Never tried the Porknose @ the Brickyard, but now I will!
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