11 Zonda R F1 Skins

11 Zonda R F1 Skins 1.2

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These are not necessarily representative of the 2014 season, in some cases I chose older liveries if I liked those better than the current ones. I didn't want to clutter these cars too much, so you won't find every single sponsor represented, just the major ones. I simply wanted to spice up my Zonda races with a bit of F1 and I thought they didn't turn out too bad, so maybe I should share them. This is my first time ever releasing a mod, so I hope you like it!


This pack includes:
  • 11 Zonda R skins
  • Team icons for the skin selection screen
  • Rims
  • Driver gloves and suits matching team colours (no sponsor logos or anything fancy like that, sorry)
  • Special Events with all 11 cars plus you for Silverstone, Nurburgring, Monza, Imola, Mugello, Magione and Vallelunga
What is clearly missing are helmets, I simply didn't have the time (yet?) to make them, but I recommend combing through some F1 mods for the 125 and the Tatuus, there is some good stuff out there already. You can simply copy&paste a helmet_2012.dds to the respective Zonda R skin folder. The same goes for gloves and suits, if you want more accurate ones.

As for the drivers, I mostly chose whichever driver I currently like better in each team, exceptions are Raikkonen and Ricciardo: I like them both a lot but I couldn't bring myself to exclude Vettel and Alonso so I put Raikkonen and Ricciardo in their last year's teams.

If you don't like my driver choices, you can simply edit the ui_skin.json in each skin folder and the event.ini in the special event folders with a text editor to your liking.

Extract the .zip and move the "content" folder to your /assettocorsa/ directory. You can get there easily by right-clicking on Assetto Corsa in Steam, then choose Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click on Browse Local Files.



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Latest updates

  1. Correct starting positions in Special Events

    Corrected starting positions in Special Events, had it upside down, whoops!
  2. Fixed Special Events

    All Special Events lead to Imola :( Sorry for that, it's fixed now.

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Great idea, great work!

Thank you
I got these a long time ago, but failed to congratulate you with this top quality additions. So a big thanks, it inspired me to start skinning the Zonda R too. Thanks to you I succeeded in some deccent skins for this car, like my tripple AMG pack and the Pirelli-Castrol custom skin. I never would have made these without your contribution :-)
Just awesome!
Great work, brilliant, ....
Thanks for these awesome skins :)
awwwwww, brilliant, I love you, this is awesome thank you, thank you, thank you and did I say thanks? Quick blast in special event and I'm so happy. If you were a woman I'd snog you.
finally skins for zonda ....and lots of them
Classy ; )
Bram Hengeveld
Now thats how a mod should be presented! Top quality car skins and a ditto way of handing them over to the community.

Jeron Bleeco
Wow....Thank you :)
Awesom work Mate!! :)
If you have ime for it, could you add Pirelli tyres? :D
Really nice work,Thanks for sharing.
Great work , thanks !!!
Nice work