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Zeljko Roso - Roso F1 Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ben Warren, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Long story short, I made an order for the Roso F1 Wheel back in February, from Mr Zeljko Roso in Croatia.

    Made my payment to Mr Roso on the 24th February for my own Roso F1 wheel. He replied about 10 days later to confirm the payment had been made and he'd received the money, fair enough. However, this was the last email I received from him, and I've heard nothing from him since, despite numerous attempts to contact him for any sort of update.

    I was told beforehand I'd have the wheel in 4-7 weeks from receiving my payment. Now if there have been significant delays, that's fine, if I have to wait a while to get what I've heard is a masterful wheel, so be it. But some sort of update would be nice while my money is nestled nicely in his bank account.

    If the guy was/is in hospital or something, fair enough. I of all people would understand, I've been in and out of hospital a few times the last few months. But the guy has been updating his Roso wheel website a few times over the last few days, so it's not like he isn't online. Not really sure what to do, just thought I'd share my disappointment at the lack of contact too. Case of waiting (and waiting) I guess.

    Not gonna completely slate the guy, I've read testimonials of his wheels on a few websites, not just his own one, and have read on a few forums, including this one that people have always received their wheels, albeit with the odd delay along the way, and some cases of Mr Roso not responding for long periods of times.

    So basically, is there anyone out there that has had experiences ordering this wheel from Mr Roso, or is there anyone out there who may be able to get in contact with him somehow to at least alert him to my concern? I am a reasonably patient guy, but I have put a fair bit of money into this, so it would at least give me peace of mind to know the guy is still around and that my wheel will eventually come, and he's not on some Caribbean island spending my money. :p (Just realised I said long story short at the beginning, I'm a liar, sorry about that haha).
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  2. I ordered my wheel on December 23rd, 2011 and got it on March 28th. I also didn´t get any answers for like months, but that is normal. You will get your wheel for sure. I am waiting for an adapter atm and he is not replying to me for about 3 weeks, but the day will come and will either get a mail or the adpater. I can tell you that he had a shitload of orders in January and February and there were some issues with the display from Leo Bodnar. You just have to be patient mate.
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  3. I ordered mine on early November and received on Xmas. I believe he received too much order during Xmas and New Year promotions that's why delivery times getting longer.

    Anyway once you will get your wheel, I believe, you will say that "its worth to wait".

    It's incredible.
  4. I got mine too! lightly modded mine with chicken head knobs, and a nice ferrari logo pin badge made without the pin. ordered from here.. just send them the image you want and request for it without a pin. it's a perfect fit on the middle rotary encoder and adds a nice finishing touch to an already perfect wheel.

    I have my roso wheel on a gt3rs wheel base and i took out the two vibration motors in the original rim and incorporated them to the roso wheel. definitely worth the wait for sure.

    I'm now talking to him on making wheel adapters for the new fanatec CSR elite wheel base. however i need some specific dimensions of the CSR elite wheel shaft to make this work. any one who owns a csr elite would you be able to help out with some pictures of specific dimensions?



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  5. Hi All .

    I driving in France in race-simulation on theWebsite "LSR/GTRO ONLINE".

    I Bought Rosof1 Wheel in décembre 2011 and I had never problem with Mr Roso Zeljko,it's Very Cool!

    I recevied my first Wheel and I Very Happy !!!

    But An April 2012 ,I wanted TO bought à second Wheel,I speaking with Mr Roso and I had never problem for my asks questions TO my spécifications !

    And and and I never recevied my New WHEEL ?????????????

    I had envoy More and more Mail but it's the July 11/2012 and I dont recevied m'y New Wheel ??

    Mr Roso ,WHERE is It ?????


  6. See above, people have been waiting longer for theirs.
  7. Hi Subasic !

    My first Wheel Zeljko building That 6 weeks ago and Roso are speaking with me all thé Time !

    April,May,june,July ,Zeljko has never speaking with me for m'y New Wheel ??!

    And I repeat my questions !

    WHERE are this ?

    In Hospital !

    Warren are never recevied a WHEEL ??
    Why ?
    4 Mouths it's Very longer No ???

  8. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Four months without a word is indeed way to long imo. Isn't there a telephone number you can call?
  9. Hi Bram .

    I don't number téléphone Of Mr Roso .

    On the website "ROSO WHEEL F1 " ,You CAN speaking only with the mail Or Mr Roso ,I can't to Call Mr Roso !

    Ben Warren has never recevied your Wheel,and me too !

    In April Mr Roso has disapperad Bram !

    4 Mouths TO build à Wheel is Very longer !

    I have the Facebook in my friends list ,never and never Mr Roso has response TO me !

    Bye bye . Lolof1 .
  10. Also I have ordered my wheel on March 28 and had no reply.
    They ordered him many friends and come ... And More
    I am convinced that sooner or later ALL wheels will be delivered!
    WE HOPE!
  11. ;)
  12. Well, if he's anywhere near me, I can pop by and check what's taking so long :D
  13. Yep, still no wheel here :( and no emails or any sort of communication from him either. Very disappointing.
  14. Oh, that's not good :(

    Did some random browsing, found this, posted yesterday:
    = Has anyone heard from Roso lately?

    Then again:

    Name: Željko Roso
    Last Active: Today at 10:03:26 AM

    So he's alive at least :D
  15. It took me 4 months to get my wheel. It was worth the wait!
    Roso is an honest guy. Your wheel will show up eventually.
    Just have patience.

    I have # oo4 Roso F1 wheel
  16. I also forgot to add that it was stuck in customs in NYC
    for a week. When I received the package customs tied string
    around the box to hold it together instead of using
  17. Yeah, I see him login to that Croatian F1 forum every day, which just makes the whole situation even more frustrating. I don't understand why sending just one email is so difficult. I'd rather one honest email saying it's going to be a long wait, rather than nothing at all. By not replying, he's just making things worse.

    14th April since his last email. :(
  18. Try getting a hold of leo bodnar, same story :p
  19. Me too Ben Warren,Last Mail the14April 2012 ??????????
  20. to me 10 April.....