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WTCC 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Adam Jonas, May 27, 2011.

  1. :) sounds good
  2. I'll try to test these stuffs during November; so I expect that we can release the modified V2 version in the beginning of December ( I can't promise it for sure, but I will try to do my best :) )

    And until that: I can't describe how grateful I am both for the guys, who helped my work and both for the RACE 07 community members who had/have constructive ideas making this mod better and better. So I would like to say a very-very big thank you guys, and especially a huge thank you for G√ľnthar, zolibphc & zand, and, of course, for you guys who supported us all way long! :)
  3. Wow Zand Great Work!!

    When it comes out this great fix?
  4. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    Open your eyes. ;-)
  5. Sorry don't see.
  6. Thanks! I just love the mod so i had to help... :)
  7. I all , I have problem with this mod and mods for VW Shiroko , I insert program files / race 07 offline , but in game in not group WTCC 2011 cars and VW shiroko cup , why ? I not good english speak :( , thx guys
  8. Probably the Scirocco Cup's model ID is the same one of the mod's car model ID - and that can cause problem like this. (Somewhere you can find a program, with it you can change these model IDs without modifying the base files or deleting one of the modifications).

    Hope that I could help you. :)
  9. I download mod WTCC 2010 , tracks are ok :) I can use but cars from 2010 WTCC not use , 2011 WTCC not use , I dont know , I have got only originals cars but tracks 2010 from WTCC are ok and I go on this tracks from 2010 but only wttcc 2007 cars , dont do new group
  10. Have you got STCC2?
  11. No , I download WTCC 2007 and download mods WTCC 2010 with tracks and cars but cars not use , ale tracks I can use :) , and 2011 cars from WTCC there web not use in game :( not cars in the game
  12. Well, to use the WTCC '11 mod, you need for the RACE 07 & STCC2, and you don't need for the WTCC 2010 expansion. :)
  13. Sorry to ask a dumb question.

    I don't have enough money to buy Race On this month and I would like to have WTCC 11 now. I do have Race07, STCC2, WTCC10 expansion etc, only Race On is missing. Do I really need it? What happens if I put it to my root folder without Race On? The guy above wrote that I only need race07 & stcc2 so I got confused.

    Thanks for any info...
  14. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    If the mod requires it then yes, of course you need it. I can understand your confusion though, since the OP says you need Race On but the above post doesn't mention it.

    Clarification needed. :)

  15. - RACE 07
    - RACE On
    - STCC 2

    So the ReadMe's list is valid. :)
  16. Btw, today I will start on fixing the bugs, soo watch the forum for some informations. ;)
  17. How's it going Adam? I am so inpatient. :) Keep up the good work!
  18. Hallo,

    I am new here, but i subscribed to this Forum because of this brilliant WTCC 2011 mod. Perfect work so far, thank You very much!!!

    But I have some requests for that:

    1) Is it possible to add the yellow car skin for the Colin-Turkington-Wiechers-BMW of the last races? With some little changes this skin can be used for Gary Kwoks Car (Macao).

    2) Is ist also possible to put the Flag on the roof of Franz Engstlers BMW?

    3) I got the Tianma Circuit from another forum, so I included that in my championship-file. Has anyone the short circuit of suzuka (suzuka east)?!
  19. Hi,
    Everything gonna be changed! It means all of the skins as well!;)
  20. Hello guys!

    Things are going well. Zoli's working on the skins (updating the existing skins & making the new cars' paints), and I'm working on the other things like physics, etc. :)

    So keep your eyes on it guys, soon it's more to come! :)

    (((((P.s.: if you like this modification, I try to do the 2012 season next year :) )))))