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WTCC 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Adam Jonas, May 27, 2011.

  1. :D
  2. Zeynel Babacan

    Zeynel Babacan Licensed

    hey adam the mod is great but i think simbin do for this not all WTCC seaons packs...

    there was a 2009 WTCC mod and we dont see a pack of 2009 from simbin

    i think lets wait first and lets see what simbin will do mate but the mod is so great i love the 320 TC :)
  3. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Here's some news guys, but you won't be happy because of it.

    I decided that I won't release any update for this mod. The reason is I haven't got enough time to make it/test it, and, besides this, I would like to develop to a league where I was/am administrator, but some guys behaving/uncultured words, I've changed my mind to invest so much work in this project.

    If somebody want to make the V2 version for this mod, feel free to use it as a base, and if you need some help to correct the engine physics, feel free to send me a PM/e-mail.

    I'm so sorry guys, hope that you'll understand my aspect. :)
  4. TheWilly

    TheWilly Tobias Worm Premium

    Hi Adam,

    could you send me your Files from up to date, so I will start develop the next version. I think V1 ist to old, because I think u made some changes since the release.

    I would help If you want.


  5. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed


    Yes, of course! I will upload everything what I can found on my computer. :)
  6. Michael Dekanek

    Michael Dekanek Licensed

    Hello, good simracers.

    I downloaded first version of WTCC 2011. I do have STCC2 and also STCC 2011 mod. I would like to combine cars from STCC 2011 with WTCC 2011 ones. However there is a little problem, STCC 2011 uses this head & tail light fix from Fiasco http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=32439 (I prefer it, too). In WTCC 2011 there is fix from zerez86 which is only a texture update. http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=32400

    My question. Would someone from people involved tell to me, what do I have to delete/change in WTCC 2011 mod so it includes Fiasco's fix for the BMW and not zerez86's one? It is only for my personal use and I do not plan to do anything with it, just to have WTCC 2011 with Fiasco's fix - so all my BMW tailights in STCC2, STCC2011 and WTCC2011 would be the same.

    I would be very grateful if anyone is willing to help me.
  7. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Hello Mysho!

    Well, you should change a lot of things, unfortunately...

    Firstly, zerez86 & Fiasco modified the models a little bit, if I remember right, but that's not the main problem.

    The main problem is the textures, because there are some differences in the taillight's texture. So you should re-paint it.

    Or (just remembered in that moment), you should put the WTCC '11 modified model files into the WTCC_2011/BMW 320 TC WTCC 11/ folder, then modify the references (links) in the *.cas file.

    That's my first thought, but if you can't manage to do this, send me a PM, and I will ask for help from Günthar, or just send a PM directly to Günthar. :)
  8. Michael Dekanek

    Michael Dekanek Licensed

    PM sent, thanks for the response. :)
  9. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Yesterday I corrected the Cruze's engine physics & made the rear end of the car much stable, and it looks it will be good. :) So guys, I will correct the Seat's & Volvo's engine physics, then I will upload the whole stuff to continue the developing. :)
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  10. Michael Dekanek

    Michael Dekanek Licensed

    I believe I can say that the whole community is very grateful for what you're doing and especially me, an WTCC addict. :D Thank you very much.
  11. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    I think you misunderstand my post. :) Two guys sent me a PM that they would like to continue the developing after that I made a statement here that I won't continue the WTCC '11 project. :)

    So, simply I would like to give them a base to continue the mod on this patch which I made with the corrected Cruze physics.
  12. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Well guys, you will be laugh on me, and you will se me a real idiot:D

    I've changed my mind, so I will continue this project! :) Meanwhile I managed to solve which part of the physics should I modify, so I know how to make a the cars much grip (especially their rear end).

    For those, who wanted to use my work (TheWilly & Alessio), I will give it to you, but I would like to ask something from you in connection with it (I'll write down soon in a PM).

    WTCC 2011 V2.0 release date: before July 2012
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  13. Michael Dekanek

    Michael Dekanek Licensed

    Great news. :) I am happy for you. :D That will bring a new aspect of fun to this game yet again. Anything new on our Fiasco's tailight subject? :)
  14. TheWilly

    TheWilly Tobias Worm Premium

    Hey. No Problem with it. I would be happy, if I could help you...so feel free to ask. At the moment a friend of me is working on the Skins for the complete field in HiRes, with all cars, helmet and clothes. All cars will be available, like my WTCC 2009 Mod.

    So far, see you soon.

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  15. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Nothing, unfortunately Günthar didn't answer. :(

    @The Willy: did you do all of the skins 2011 season skins? Can you show some picture of it? :) With that skin, you can help for me a lot, because at the moment, I don't have enough time to do the skins, zolibphc (who made the most of the skins) is working on his own project (STCC '11), so he can only make the updated & new skins later. :)
  16. Sven Hielscher

    Sven Hielscher Licensed

    Great to hear it's going further!
    If there are any "small" 3D things left to do, count me in =D just drop me a PM and I will see what I can do for you :D

    anyway: I'm really looking forward to this addition to race ;)
  17. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    FuNK!, thanks for the help mate! :) I think I will use your updated BMW hood :) At the moment, nothing else which should be modified/fixed, but if there will be anything, I will write to you I promise! :)
  18. Sven Hielscher

    Sven Hielscher Licensed

  19. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Well, I managed to solve the BMWs' understeer problem before/under turning, so at the moment, I'm working on it & testing it. :)
  20. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas Licensed

    Beta testers wanted!

    If you feel that you're able to write a detailed description about the driving experience when you're driving a car, and of course, you have enough time to test, just send me a PM! :)