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WTCC 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Adam Jonas, May 27, 2011.

  1. WTCC 2011 modifcation for RACE 07

    Download link: - deleted -

    Version 2.0

    The mod is including the following cars with updated physics:
    - BMW 320 TC '11 (ModelID=107)
    - BMW 320si '11 (ModelID = 108)
    - BMW 320si E90 '11 (ModelID = 124)
    - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11 (ModelID = 109)
    - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11 (ModelID = 119)
    - Volvo C30 Drive '11 (ModelID = 118)

    The modification is including the following drivers:
    #1 - Yvan Muller - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #2 - Robert Huff - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #3 - Gabriele Tarquini - Lukoil SUNRED - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    #4 - Aleksei Dudukalo - Lukoil SUNRED - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    #5 - Norbert Michelisz - Zengő Dension Team - BMW 320 TC '11
    #6 - Carlos 'Cacá' Bueno - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #7 - Fredy Barth - SEAT Swiss Racing by SUNRED - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    #8 - Alain Menu - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #9 - Darryl O'Young - Bamboo Engineering - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #10 - Yukinori Taniguchi- Bamboo Engineering - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #11 - Kristian Poulsen - Liqui Moly Team Engstler - BMW 320 TC '11
    #12 - Franz Engstler - Liqui Moly Team Engstler - BMW 320 TC '11
    #13 - Ibrahim Okyay - Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport - BMW 320si E90 '11
    #15 - Tom Coronel - ROAL Motorsport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #17 - Michel Nykjaer- SUNRED Engineering - SUNRED Leon 1.6T
    #18 - Tiago Monteiro - SUNRED Engineering - SUNRED Leon 1.6T
    #20 - Javier Villa García - Proteam Racing - BMW 320 TC '11
    #21 - Fabio Fabiani - Proteam Racing - BMW 320si '11
    #25 - Mehdi Bennani - Proteam Racing - BMW 320 TC '11
    #26 - Stefano D'Aste - Wiechers Sport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #29 - Colin Turkington - Wiechers Sport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #30 - Robert Dahlgren - Polestar Racing - Volvo C30 Drive '11
    #31 - Toshihiro Arai - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    #35 - Urs Sonderegger - Wiechers Sport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #51 - Charles Kaki Ng - Liqui Moly Team Engstler - BMW 320 TC '11
    #64 - David Sigacev - DeTeam KK Motorsport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #65 - Marchy Lee - DeTeam KK Motorsport - BMW 320 TC '11
    #66 - Andre Couto - SUNRED Engineering - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    #70 - Mak Ka Lok - RPM Racing Team - BMW 320si E90 '11
    #74 - Pepe Oriola - SUNRED Engineering - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    #88 - Hiroki Yoshimoto - SUNRED Engineering - SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11


    Delete older version 1.0 (if installed) in: X:\....\Steam\SteamApps\your_name\race 07\GameData\Teams\WTCC_2011

    Unpack the file, than copy its content to here: X:\....\Steam\SteamApps\your_name\race 07

    To use this modification, you will need the following packs besides RACE 07:
    - RACE On
    - STCC2

    New in Version 2.0:
    - Added Ibarhim Okyay's BMW 320si E90
    - Added Charles Kaki Ng's BMW 320 TC '11
    - Added Toshihiro Arai's Chevrolet Cruze LT '11
    - Added Colin Turkington's yellow BMW 320 TC '11
    - Added David Sigacev's BMW 320 TC '11
    - Added Andre Couto's SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    - Added Mak Ka Lok's BMW 320si E90 '11
    - Added Hiroki Yoshimoto's SUNRED Leon 1.6T '11
    - Corrected some drivers names and country flags
    - Corrected RPM lights on BMW, Cruze, Leon and Volvo cockpit´s
    - Added Fiasco´s BMW 320si 2009 Realistic Lights Mod and changed the corresponding skins
    - Added FuNK!´s BMW 320 TC hood and new front intake and changed the corresponding skins
    - Fixed Sunred´s transparent names on windows
    - Corrected Yvan Muller name on windows
    - Corrected rims collors and reflections
    - Added helmets and suits
    - Modified engine volumes
    - Added 2011 templates to the mod

    This modification is created by:
    - Adam Jonas (szekto): physics, tester
    - Günthar Rowe & T2L Racing: basic of the mod, physics, engine sounds, menu buttons, Cruze & BMW model corrections
    - Sven Boucher: every car skins, including normal-res & hi-res skins
    - TheWilly: skins, tester
    - thedoctor46: physics
    - Ionbello: SUNRED sounds
    - Fiasco: BMW 320si 2009 Realistic Lights Mod
    - FuNK!: BMW 320 TC hood
    - zand: Most of the v2.0 fixes and new features
    - Balazsryche: tester
    - Yakamoto: tester
    - zand: car templates

    I would like to thank the following persons for there fantastic work:

    Sven Boucher: who made a fantastic painting job on the cars, suits & helmets

    Günthar Rowe: who encouraged me to do do this mod & helped a lot under developing the mod

    TheWilly: who offered for me the chance to work together with Sven, making the contacts easier & tested the mod

    thedoctor46: who helped a lot in the engine physics & and showed me the right way in the engine physics

    Fiasco: who gave permission to use his modified BMW lights

    Balazs Toth alias Balazsryche: who made a fantastic testing progress on the mod & gave me great feedbacks

    Peter Beres alias Yakamoto: who als made a fantastic testing progress on the mod & gave me great feedbacks

    And of course, anybody else, who encouraged me under developing this modifcation.

    Other informations:
    - We included two type from the skins. One part of them were created on normal resolution, and the others
    were created on high-resolutions. If you've got a stronger PC, we recommend to use the high-resolution skins.

    - Basically the normal resolution skins are installed.

    - If you unpack the mod, you will see a folder which called 'SKINS'. In this folder, you will find the
    normal-resolutin skins (folder name: Skins_normal_res) and the high-resolution skins (folder name: Skins_hi_res),
    both compressed in a RAR file.
    - You should simply unpack, copy the files in the proper foldery paste to the proper place in the game's folder & overwrite
    the existing files (you should put here: X:\...\Steam\SteamApps\yourname\race07\GameData\Teams)

    - If you don't like the car's reflections, you should delete the following file from here:


    Don't use the parts of the mod & don't share the mod without my permission, please respect our time & patience
    which we needed under making this modification!

    You MUST ask a permission from me to use some parts of the mod before you start to use or release them!

  2. Sounds nice...Good luck :)
  3. I've done this skin and released at NoGrip. And I've also done Ibrahim Okyay, and also the bamboo cars. Feel free to use them all, but credit me.
  4. no one has actually answered the question of whether its possible to mod a 1.6t engine, i for one would like to know aswell
  5. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    He didn't ask a question, he made a statement. :) It is possible because someone has already done it.
  6. Incredibly easy ;)
  7. This 1.6T physics depends on that I can get some data of the new car(s) or not at the Hungaroring. :)

    @jsmee: thanks, but I would like to do all the skins myself. :) The only thing which is won't be my work is zerez86's new BMW taillight.
  8. do you have a WTCC 2011 icon and classID# yet ?
  9. Not yet :)
  10. I see a bug already....!

    It's not on my system :p
  11. Use ClassID=211

    It's free and it is almost the year number, if you get what I mean.
  12. Model=

    BMW 320si WTCC2011
    BMW 320 TC WTCC2011
    Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC2011
    Chevrolet Lacetti WTCC2011
    SEAT León 2.0 TDI WTCC2011
    Volvo C30 WTCC2011
  13. Hehe :D

    Okay, thank you very much Günthar! :)
  14. if you want engines made etc, just let me know and drop me an email: kampferas (at) gmail.com
  15. Ok, thanks! :)
  16. Maybe you want use my engine files (BMW 320 TC and Chevrelet 1.6T) as a base for the mod. I uploaded them here at racedepartment and on Nogrip racing. I've also made a beta version of a Seat 1.6 engine, so let me know if you are interested in this file. Succes with your mod, keep up the nice work!
  17. Thank you very much! :) First I try to get some information this weekend from the Hungaroring, and I wll try to do an engine physics from myself. If I won't be succes, I think I will use some part of your physics, but I will write to when I use it :)
  18. I think I will finish the factory Chevys today, so I will upload some picture of the cars when it's ready. :)
  19. Do you know what is the maximum speed of the new generation WTCC car? 'Cause I started to work on the BMW's engine physics, but I think something is not good (at Algarve my maximum speed was 276 km/h, which is a little bit too high I think :p )