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Featured World RX update for DiRT Rally is now live

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Alex Franchini, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. World RX Dirt Rally.png
    World Rallycross makes its entry into the world of Dirt Rally and is available today for the Steam Early Access title.

    Codemasters has updated the hit rallying simulator to version 0.6. The updated is titled World RX and brings two new circuits, official FIA Rallycross Championship drivers and more.

    This is the first of two World RX-themed updates.
    You'll now be able to drive the Ford Fiesta WRX, Volkswagen Polo Rallycross and Peugeot 208 WRX and experience the Lydden Hill, UK and Höljes, Sweden rallycross tracks, with three layouts each.

    Anti-cheat technology also found its way into Dirt Rally, focusing on blocking leaderboard cheaters. Codemasters says their "next step is to tell your mum you’ve been cheating", so I wouldn't mess with them.
    The update also contains a new daily event (in which you'll compete against the community Delta) , the ability to repair a puncture mid-stage, a stuttering-reducing option to disable replays and the option to disable driver arms.

    The addition of today’s rallycross update continues Codemasters’ commitment to deliver free, regular and substantial content updates during DiRT Rally’s Steam Early Access Phase. The next World RX pack, coming soon, will add online competitive play for the first time to DiRT Rally, alongwith other new content.

    Additions, changes and fixes
    • Embark on a new World RX Career and Custom Events
    • Two new circuits, Höljes, Sweden and Lydden Hill, England both with three routes each
    • Official FIA Rallycross Championship drivers, cars and liveries
    • Anti-cheat stuff which will stop the small few from messing up our leaderboards. Our next step is to tell your mum you’ve been cheating - don’t say we didn’t warn you
    • Ability to identify your device as a wheel if you own one which isn’t supported yet
    • A brand new DiRT Daily Event type where you’ll be competing against the community Delta
    • Ability to repair a puncture mid-stage
    • Ability to disable replays in the options (this should help fix the stuttering some users experience)
    • Ability to remove the drivers arms without causing him to bleedout
    • Now have the ability to return the wheel back to zero degrees when your car is reset
    • Three new World RX cars: the Ford Fiesta WRX, Volkswagen Polo Rallycross and Peugeot 208 WRX.
    • Two new tracks: Lydden Hill, UK and Höljes, Sweden.
    • New music tracks for your listening pleasure.
    • Toggle added to enable centring of the steering wheel when the car is reset to track or starting a new race. This can be turned on/off from the "Advanced Wheel" menu in the options menu by toggling "Centre Steering". The strength of this effect can be tuned from the "Vibration and Feedback" menu by changing "Steering Centre Force".
    • Added a FFB slider to control the strength of the force applied when centring the wheel.
    • Clutch deadzone and saturation sliders have been added to the advanced wheel options screen.
    • Added support for the Leobodnar Sim Steering FFB system.
    • A game preference has been added to allow for the driver arms and steering wheel to be hidden when using an interior camera.
    • Progress bar now has red/green markers showing the split when completing a sector.
    • The “Little Light” achievement now unlocks after fulfilling the criteria.
    • Win Championship based achievements now unlock after a player loses an event during that championship... Sorry.
    • All Hillclimb achievements now unlock correctly when the requirements are met.
    • Terminal reset lines on the Monte Carlo rally route Pra d’Alart have been pushed back from the track edge.
    • General art fixes to the Germany routes.
    • Visual co-driver calls improved throughout all tracks.
    • Ambience added to German routes.
    • Various fixes to benchmark mode race playback
    • Solved issue where the game would freeze and stutter while driving when the user has multiple hard drives.
    • Added functionality to override the type of device for a controller or wheel – enabling advanced options for these input device respectively.
    • Steering linearity is now being applied to the Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel.
    • Position difference. Indicator shown in the Championship Standings for a Hillclimb event now displays the change in championship positions.
    • Fixed an issue where the distance required to unlock the later engineers wasn’t updating.
    • Fix for replay camera sequence sometimes getting stuck on the onboard camera.
    • Issue where the default vehicle tuning settings were not being applied correctly is now fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where cars would flip or launch into the air when driving at speed near low height objects... We’re gonna miss watching those videos.
    • Upgraded motion platform and telemetry peripheral support so you can now run as many DBox and UDP streams as you want, simultaneously without the need for 3rd party software.
    • Finishing 16th in a championship event will now give considerably less rewards.
    • Fixed a problem where the game would cause random inputs in the menus that didn’t come from you.
    • Various fixes to improve stability and reduce jitter in post race cut scene and replays.
    • Fixed the championship position indicators displaying the wrong information.
    • Fixed issue where warning message were still present on screen after completing an event.
    • Updated vibration and feedback screen to display descriptions for each of the options.
    • A wide range of fixes and tweaks to prepare for the upcoming content.
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  2. Torcano


    These are the most entertaining changelogs in history. It actually makes me read all of it. :p

    "Ability to remove the drivers arms without causing him to bleedout" - I died at that part.
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  3. Was hoping to get some good news about replays being improved. The only think I detest about this game is the silly replay system that jumps from internal to external to wing etc. I just want trackside TV style replays just like all the other great sims have.

    But it's improving hopefully with every release of updates.
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  4. Yo, when are we gonna get a RD RallyX Championship?
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  5. Yes that would be good, but only for premium members of course. ;)
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  6. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    We need to evaluate the quality of the multiplayer services once they're out (which should be out in mid-August as far as I'm aware), and we'll need more than two tracks to do it.

    All I can say is that we're looking into it. :)

    This is likely, yes.
  7. Hoping I can make it. Seriously, these cars are fantastically badass.
  8. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    I imagine I'll be joining you! I'm not that good at circuit racing, but I love me some sideways door-bumping action!
  9. Rivvern

    www.MasterArms.se Premium

    Looking awesome. Will try to install again. Havent been able to play yet because of error 41...
  10. You ain't kidding! Update is fantastic as well. I genuinely hope Codemasters adds more to it, but doesn't lose sight of what made it good in the first place.
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Had a very quick look see when it was released, not run it for more that 5 minutes but.. WOW... I am impressed.

    Its almost a shame to call these guys Codemasters :roflmao:
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  12. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    Very good update. AI is suprisingly good.( at this state)
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  13. well this is gonna get me going again....looks like a fun update.
  14. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    ....The RX is sooo gooood
  15. Heck of a lot of fun. This is easily my game of the year this year. The game just keeps getting better and better.
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  16. Great update. The Rallycross cars are entertaining to drive and feel pretty realistic to me. The courses are beautifully replicated and detailed, can't wait for the next set of tracks to join them.

    The rally element of the game also feels better and it seems Codies are listening to feature requests from users such as the ability to remove the driver arms and steering wheel from cockpit view. Dirt Rally continues to surprise me!
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  17. Neither can I! Must admit, I went to Lydden Hill in 2013 for the European Rallycross, and it looks exactly like it.
  18. Can anybody tell me where in the options this part is?
  19. They are in your player profile preferences at the bottom of the page.
  20. Menu / Profile / Game preferences / Cockpit driver & wheel :)