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Winning the season in the Lotus @ max difficulty is disappointing

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by dcully, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Hi folks, while im still enjoying the races in the game its just too easy.
    Im in season one with 3 races to go and i cant be beaten in the championship,ive won 8 races and podiums on the rest.
    The podium ones were simply a lapse in concentration due to boredom while out infront on my own.
    Im running the Lotus, expert settings all aids off and legendary ai, i simply shouldnt be beating the pants off the top teams.
    I was looking forward to a career fighting ' the back of the grid to start off and work my way up.
    Winning the championship by a country mile in a Lotus while playing the game at its most difficult settings is not exactly what id hope for.
    I realise its not a sim and for someone used to the likes of the usual pc sims aswell as iracing its just far far too easy.
    No im not the fastest of iracers either,im very much average and a lot slower than the top iracers.
    Anyone else feel the same?
  2. Turn on fuel sim, you wont win. the car simply will not physically drive that fast.
  3. I don't get it man. Even if I got pole, which I never do, with fuel sim on, everyone gets past me by turn 1. Please do post a video of yourself playing cos this is just bullocks.
  4. I have won events in the HRT on the same settings as the OP, with fuel and tyre simulation turned on. But in most events i found myself finishing around 6th. So less difficult than i was hoping it would be but no walk over for sure.
  5. Same as above and OP. Wouldn't say its easy but you can win races with the lower teams all settings maxed with full simulation, you can still win races if you proficient around certain tracks. Which is disappointing, the ai seem to have certain problem areas on some tracks which makes it easy to overtake.
  6. So far I've found at least one corner on every track where the AI is easy meat. CM have promised to fix those in the patch so it could give the game a new lease of life when that comes out.
  7. Yep if they iron out those places in which the AI are just plain slow and easy to overtake then the game will be really tough. The slower teams loose out a lot in a straight line on the harder levels so if the AI are made quicker in the corners overtaking will become almost impossible, just like reality.
  8. Im running with fuel sim on, the ai are just soo easy to outbrake.
    I can qualify in the top 3 in the lotus then its just a case of outbraking them somewhere in the first few laps, after that its simple once i dont make a mistake.
  9. Hmm I want to see a video of this. I can only just finish in between 15-20th with the AI on Hard (one less than Legendary), all aids off, at 100% race distance. My car is simply not as fast as the top teams on the straights... I have no idea what is going on with your game but I call your bullsh!t.
  10. Dude why would i lie?
    Its simple to outbrake them, get a good qualy time and your sorted.
  11. It IS simple to outbrake them...when Tire Simulation is off. If you're saying that you finished in the top 3 at Catalunya with FS and TS on and with AI on Legend, then you either have a completely different game than I do, or you're lying. The third alternative is that you don't know that TS is off.
  12. How did you go around Sepang with dynamic weather? My AI is on Professional and I still can't touch them, highest in the order I have been was 16th but went downhill from there. I simply don't think it is even POSSIBLE to win on the Legendary setting here at race distance 100%.
  13. WHat a post... set all to sim and Legend... you won't pass of 18th. Game is not a pure sim but is not easy at all.
  14. I am presuming you have never seen just how fast a good sim racer can drive then... :wink:

    Believe me you simply wouldn't believe the speed some of the guys can drive at, every lap of every race.

    Just because you can't do it doesn't mean others can't too.
  15. HAHAHA!!!!!

    Oh thats funny, considering I'm also a registered iRacing competitor and have been playing racing sims all of my life Papyrus sims from Indycar Racing II-NASCAR Racing, GPL, GP2-4, RBR, Live For Speed. I'm also in the top 30 for time trials on the global leaderboard in F1 2010 on 3 circuits out of only 6 that I've set times for... This guy could easily go ahead and post a video to discount all of us naysayers. ;)

    That being said, I don't claim to be the best driver in the world, but I know when something is physically impossible... and winning on Legendary, in a Lotus, at Sepang, dynamic weather, 100% race distance, with all aids disabled... is just that. Try it for yourself... The AI cars of the top 4 teams are probably 10-15% faster than the Cosworth Lotus when you are wringing it out.
  16. You have to also be sure to set difficulty while answering the interview questions... answer the most "cocky Reply" You want to be challenged by the best or something along that affect.

    This will make it much harder too!
  17. Seriously what is with you guys suggesting im lying?
    What have i to gain by telling lies?
    Im a 39 year old guy with a passion for simracing,its my hobby,telling lies about it has no benefit to me or anyone else, i simply do not lie.
    Id wonder what age you people suggesting im telling lies are.
    Take a visit to the iracing forums, if your a member and see the vast majority are saying its easy to win.

    Im not claiming to be super fast, ive already said im only average in the world of iracing.
    I cannot stress enough that i have ALL AIDS OFF, tyre and fuel sim on, im not stupid, im playing sims for many years, i know how to set up a sim the way i like to play it.
    Seriously i cant get over some of you guys accusing me of lying.
  18. In my experience on most tracks you get so badly slaughtered on the straights, especially at the lights that outbraking them isnt an issue since they will pull away too fast for it to be of any use, sometimes you can get lucky. Also, when i outbrake them they fight back, i have had cars "rubbing" me off the track more than a few times to hold position and its never as simple as outbrake and overtake, they will smash me off the track to keep the spot. At monza i qualified first only to get slaughtered on every straight by the ferrari's, i absolutely had no chance, regardless of how fast i was in qualifying (topped at 220mph down the main straight, but ferrari accelerate so much faster).

    Then theres pitstop, if you pit at a different time to the other cars you can avoid being messed over, but your fat slow lotus can't go as fast as the other cars on a fuel load, thus when you pit you will likely be overtaken by the faster cars, much like it would be in real life.

    Lastly, you have to choose the "i want to challenge myself against the very best" at the game start, i have heard it makes a difference, though i cant say for sure myself.
  19. Thats a very good point, I know thats the option I chose at the start because I didn't want the game dumbed down in any way, but perhaps the OP chose something different?

    What we are trying to say is that it just doesn't seem possible to beat the AI in a Lotus under the circumstances you are describing (no matter how good you may be)... Unless of course you turned damage sim off and punted the other drivers all out of the race...
  20. i dont believe this you must have fuel off, for sure.....