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Featured Wider, faster F1 cars for 2017 teased in new video

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jordan Adcock, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. A new video has been released showing what F1's future might look like compared to its present. Created by Giorgio Piola, the video shows a mock-up car made to proposed 2017 rules against Mercedes’ current challenger, the W06 Hybrid.

    The most notable changes, in addition to overall car width increasing from 1.8 to 2 metres are as follows:

    0:34 - Rear tyre width increase from 420 to 450mm

    0:47 - Front wing width increase from 825 to 925mm

    1:06 - Rear wing, top element height decrease from 945 to 800mm / bottom element height decrease from 745 to 600mm

    1:18 - Rear wing endplates placed at 25 and 30 degree incline / Turning vanes placed at 30 and 45 degree incline

    1:30 Longer rear diffuser

    The video also suggests that the front wing could be bent at the centre rather than straight, as well as bargeboards making a possible return.

    The changes are part of an effort by the F1 teams and the FIA to increase the cars’ speed in response to complaints that the current generation of cars are too slow, and to counteract prevailing thoughts that F1 isn’t representing the pinnacle of motoring performance as it should.

    The target set by F1’s Strategy Group of six leading teams is for 2017’s cars to be five seconds a lap faster than their 2015 counterparts, closer to the frequent lap records F1 set in 2004. F1’s Technical Group’s simulations reportedly predict that the hypothetical future car will be up to seven seconds faster.

    The new rules are yet to be fully ratified, though already smaller changes are being made, such as abolishing power-unit grid penalties and further restricting driver aids from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards. Replacing part of the race weekend format has also been discussed.

    What do you think of these changes? Would you suggest anything else? Comment below!
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  2. Surely, wider cars will make the racing worse. They will take up more space on the track meaning overtaking will be harder
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  3. Erg


    I don't think that these changes will make huge differences technically. They're doing this to stop people saying "hey! bring back the sound!".
    Cars were really ugly last year but they're ok now in my opinion.

    Wider and longer sidepods would be enough for me just like 2008. I mean it creates a huge visual difference when the rear tyre is a bit closed. Again, I have no idea if it's technically suitable for these cars.
  4. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    2008 cars look like the pinnacle of Motorsport even today. They are insane. Even though there are faster ones out there.
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  5. There is no thing such as "making the racing worse" you either watch a race to see who complete it first or just stay away because that is what racing is about.
    I'm happy they are going with these rules. Now if only they get rid of DRS and bring back refueling...
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  6. I don't know what that means unless you believe that all subjective views on motorsports are wrong and that there is some objective reality to be adhered to.

    Considering the fact that I think most references to "the racing" really refer to the human driver versus human driver component and not the pit strategy or the fuel economy or the tire strategy or the points strategy I'd say you could make an argument that rules can objectively increase or diminish the quality of driver vs. driver competition.
  7. The human x human thing in racing involves many things. That goes from the guy doing coffee, engineers working on the car and..... the driver.
    If people want to see only driver x driver there is no reason to allow people to drive different cars. Go spec and you'll have it.
    The best moments of this sport are called the best moments because they happened mostly naturaly. Races from the past had great battles but they also had the leader lapping the whole field very quickly. And before getting to the point of driver x driver there was always the work done by engineers. All this to finish the set distance before anyone else. That's what racing is about.
    I seriously doubt the first guys in this sport said "look, I can drive better than you". Many of the most amazing histories started with "You can't build a car better than mine". AFAIK. I could be mistaken. ;)
    If we just focused on these aspects of racing and expected the rest to come naturally this sport would be in a much better condition right now. But most people keep wanting to see fake competition and nothing done to create this is helping, it's only damaging it more because when a car open 2 seconds gap from each othe these same people start complaining...
  8. Where did I say that? The point is though that the on track racing between two people is the most exciting part and seeing that happen with non spec technology is doubly so. Seeing the kinds of battles that come from dissimilar cars on tracks that put different strengths and weaknesses into direct competition is exciting and when its executed by the drivers thats the height of it. Just look at Hungary. The drama came from the drivers not the tech despite there being non spec tech involved.

    Yea, naturally within the frame work of the rules. Its a contrived system, designed by people.

    I'm not marginalizing the engineering aspect but when drivers get behind other cars and because of how the aero works they can't get past even when they're driving better than the other guy, when they have a run on the other guy, and when natural passing isn't coming naturally and they have to contrive ways to let them pass like DRS then it isn't exactly letting human vs human competition come naturally is it?

    Whats more the engineers are happy to have a bland boring race and min max the efficiency of the car because they can do that these days. As Alonso said, its more like being an airline pilot today, managing the efficiency envelope rather than pushing the car to the limits in a way that exhausts the driver. When you have to rely on the driver pushing you then come to the point of human error and human error, as we saw in Hungary, makes for great drama.
  9. Looks absolutely badass!! I love it!! This is what F1 should look like, I just hope the teams can afford it. Any news on engine regs? Are we keeping this hybrid formula or going different? Sorry if that's a stupid question, I don't follow F1 news a whole lot.
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  10. well they will have more grip and the changes introduced are to make cars run closer together. By minimizing the dirty air the gap will be closer. Anyways most of the tracks are like 3 football fields wide
  11. MoerasGrizzly


    Oh, I don't mind DRS, I just mind the current ruleset. The issue with it is that it is an "overtake button" and not a "Go faster button". If an F1 pilot is allowed to use DRS at any time he wishes I bet nobody would have a problem with it (especially because that means faster cars ;) )
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  12. Tim.E


    I think it's good actually that they're at least trying to make the cars faster. But if this is "the" solution, I don't really think so.
  13. Sky


    give them huge wide tires and tiny wings. that would improve the racing.
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  14. I've walked the Abu Dhabi circuit and I can promise you that the track is nowhere near 3 football pitches wide :D
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  15. Indeed, the tracks are very wide and the slight increase in width will not be the factor behind
    any changes in the overtaking ratio.
    I did like the increase in downforce and drag at the back, the changes at the front wich will
    probably also help in tyre conservation and I was very surprised byt he diffuser change....
  16. Tim.E


    What you've been in the UAE?:confused:
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  17. I have indeed. Lovely place. Highly recommend going to Ferrari World and going on Formula Rossa (The worlds fastest rollercoaster :) You have to wear special googles as its that fast ;) )
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  18. Also the circuit is open for you to walk/cycle round which is pretty cool :)
  19. Tim.E


    Wow, I know abour ferrari world too. I've always wanted to go to UAE
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  20. You should go there :thumbsup: