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When can we buy the Ferrari F2007?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Rudra Chattopadhyay, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Of course in GT5P, in the "S class" events, I just don't seem to clear a few events, like the ones on Fuji Speedway F, last one @ Suzuka & the 1 lap overtaking challenge in a Ferrari F40.

    So I made 2,000,000 credits by repeatedly playing the F40 Challenge hoping to buy a F2007 & clearing the Suzuka & Fuji events using the same. But I couldn't buy that car & now I am in a real soup as I can't figure out how to proceed.

    The Ferrari 599 looked promising but couldn't score much on acceleration, braking & cornering. So what car should I purchase now & how should I tune it in order to win? Since there are plenty of tight bends with big gradients I should keep the Ist & 2nd gear ratios high & may be pick a car like Nissan GTR 07 or something.

    So to conclude, which car, what settings & when will I get to buy that Ferrari F2007? :dont-know::go-away:
  2. Update: Did a 3rd position in the Ferrari F40 challenge thanks to some relentless practice.
    As to clearing the 750 class Fuji & Suzuka events, tried a WIDE variety of cars, from Blitz to Amuse to Mine's to Chevrolet AM, but have to conclude that cars to the extreme right af the garage, specifically tuned Corvette C6, Ford GT LM & Dodge are the best bet.
    At least I could keep up with the rest of the pack with the Corvette, not amongst the distant last 3-4. 10th pos was the position in the Corvette, but it can easily be improved. Any guidance for tuning this car is most welcome.
  3. Get a medal of some description in every event, and you'll be able to purchase the Ferrari F2007 given enough cash. It's not easy, I know, but if you persist you'll get them all out of the way.
  4. I thought it would be that way, i.e. clearing all "S" category events. Thanks for the confirmation. Now it's the 2 Japanese 750 class events of Suzuka & Fuji (& the credits) that remain to be mastered.
    So there's no "Spec III" after the "S" class events have been cleared :)
  5. Nah, after you finish the S class, then that's everything finished. Some of them are really tricky, but put the practice in, work on your laps, adjust the car set up, etc. It's tedious, but doable.
  6. Yeah you said it mate. Yesterday tried all possible cars that could make the cut, but again I was most effective in the Corvette. But 9th position in Fuji & 12th in Suzuka (!!!) was the best that I could manage. In Fuji at least I was able to keep at the tail of the frontrunners but couldn't even do that in Suzuka..
    I had great expectations from the Ford GT LM car but the rear wheels kept on slipping at the slightest twitch even after making all possible tuning combinations, making it impossible to compete in.
  7. Which events are they specifically? I'll go have another go at them tomorrow, and let you know if there's anything I can figure out to help you.
  8. They are 1) Race: S-7 - Tuned Car Battle Track: Fuji Speedway Laps: 5
    Performance Points: 700 1st: 35,000cr
    Starting Position: 16th of 16 2nd: 20,000cr
    Penalty Level: 3 3rd: 17,500cr

    & 2) Race: S-10 - Tuned Car Battle Track: Suzuka Circuit Laps: 5
    Performance Points: 700 1st: 35,000cr
    Starting Position: 16th of 16 2nd: 20,000cr
    Penalty Level: 3 3rd: 17,500cr
    BTW there's some cool info here:
    http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/driving/granturismo5prologue/show_msgs.php?topic_id= m-1-42632951&pid=942026
    & thanks for helping..
  9. Yippee!!! cleared the Fuji Event in the Corvette.. here's a very small glimpse of the major tactics I used - slipstreaming, following the racing line & precise throttle & steering control:
    Sorry for the poor quality, shot it in a digicam :)
    Will try the Suzuka one later, probably Tomorrow..
  10. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I need to get back into this. Think I stopped when found it impossible to clear the overtaking on Suzuka and even more so when I couldn't keep up in the two races you mention above.

    Set up tips would be received very gratefully. :)
  11. Well as far as I remember for the Corvette I kept fairly high power (525 PS) & weight (1128 kg fr & 99 kg rear - the weight somewhat helped me push off cars (esp. Art Morrison :) ))at corners & compromised on the aero as I found the car inherently good to handle.
    Aero 15 25
    Ride ht. 0 0
    Sp. rate 7 5
    Damper 3 3
    Toe out / in 0.04 0.04
    Camber 0.5 0.5
    Brake bal 5 5
    Max turning angle 48 deg
    TC 1
    ABS 1
    Gear ratios: 2.66 1.78 1.3 1 0.74 0.5, 3.42 final
  12. Yea am surely looking forward to joining but atm I'm more keen on getting that F2007 :)
  13. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Nice one mate. Your set up for the F40 overtake challenge would be extremely helpful too
  14. I suppose we can't change the setup for the F40 overtake challenge as the game wants us to compete in the default setup. But yes, I think we can set basic stuff like driving physics, traction control & ABS etc. before the game loads. Apart from setting everything at toughest, I think I did keep TC &/or ABS at 1 as I did experience a lot of skidding when they were OFF.
    But I assure you when you get the hang of it, like after many constructive iterations where you put your learnings together, your performance will nearly always be "close to winning".

    Edit: Really sorry for the above statement. I could change the car setup when I tried & cleared the challenge again with this setup :)

    Power 451 PS
    Wt 1243 92
    Rd ht -2 -2
    Sp Rt 9 5
    Damper 5 3
    Toe out 0.04 0.04
    Camber 0.5 0.5
    Br Bal 6 6
    Max turning angle 48 deg
    TC 1
    ABS 1
    Gr ratios: 3.283 2.134 1.422 1.068 0.846, 2.9 final
  15. :male-fighter2:
    I've now also cleared the final Suzuka race albeit by reducing the difficulty a bit.
    For starters I used the car that looked impossible previously: the Ford GT LM spec II Test Car.
    Yes, thats right, & I did some serious anti-drifting tuning after reading stuff here & there. Now its just a million credits ;) that keeps me from buying the F2007!

    Here's the setup:

    ASM ON Driving physics: Standard
    Power 471 PS
    Wt 1013 87
    Aero 11 33
    Rd ht -4 +1
    Sp Rt 10 2
    Damper 4 2
    Toe out/in -0.02 +0.01
    Camber 0.4 0
    Br Bal 5 5
    Max turning angle 45 deg
    TC 1
    ABS 1
    Gr ratios: 2.610 1.710 1.230 0.940 0.770, 0.630; 3.360 final
  16. Thanks for your setups Rudra
    I'm stuck on the same last 3 challenges.
    I will try them out & see how I go.
  17. Well wish you all the best :)
  18. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Rudra! I cannot thank you enough. I cleared, (read: got 3rd place), the F40 overtake challenge as soon as I'd dialled in your setup!

    I've also given the Ford GT LM Spec II a go with your setup and it feels so good to drive! 1st attempt and I got 4th place! That's a massive improvement over where I was before so thanks again! Only need to try a little harder and I'll get that elusive 3rd spot!

    Gonna try the Vette later on tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. Which Vette is it? The standard one?
  19. Well I'm glad that the setups helped :).The Vette is not the standard one; it's the Tuned Corvette available in the GT5 Concept dealership. & best of luck for the remainder pal! :)