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PC Wheel oscillation in the F40?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kjell Eilertsen, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. I was so stoked to test the F40 tonight, but from the very first second there was soemthing weird going on in the FFB, I noticed the wheel starting to pull left and right as soon as the car starts moving.
    Made a movie of it all and will post it both here and on the official forums (here cos not everyone go on the official). Anyone else got this? Is it intentional (as in the car behaves like this IRL too)? Anyone got a solution?
    Video here; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/383431/AC/AC oscillation.mp4

    Some info;
    All aids are off.
    I've tried with canned FFB effects on and off, no difference.
    Happens in both versions of the F40, not in the 599XX (or in any other car I've tried prior to 0.4)
    In the 599XX I noticed oscillation when letting to of the wheel at high speed straights, this happens in a lot of other sims too but this is the first time/car I've noticed this happening with in AC.
  2. Same video, just on youtube;

    The dropbox version was really slow on buffering for me.
  3. What wheel are you using? Nothing even remotely close to that happening here on my DFGT.
  4. Fanatec GT3 RS v2
  5. I have an old Logitech DFP and have these oscillations as well, especially in the 599, and to a lesser degree, but still noticeable, in the F40. It feels as if the forces were reversed, or the car had something wrong with the steering lock. Luckily, neither car is my favourite :D
  6. I'm getting the same thing in the Lotus Elise with a G27 though I only just got AC and haven't set the wheel up or anything yet. Still seems weird though. Wasn't going to post anything about it until I had made sure it wasn't my own fault or that its actually supposed to do this.

    I'm used to Dirt3 so have no clue about more realistic racing.
  7. Looks like a bug with inverted ffb. Other cars are fine?

    If so, you should post it on official AC forum with youtube clip. I'm sure they'll dig into it.
  8. I had the same problem. I rebooted my machine, unplugged and replugged in my wheel and verified integrity of game cache on steam (it re-downloaded 2 files) Re-calibrated wheel and pedals in game.

    After that it was fine. Not sure which step sorted it, but its all good again now.
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  9. Chris James

    Chris James
    Premium Member

    T500RS. I don't get oscillation like that, but I get a right and left rumble at almost any speed when the wheel is centered, when no forces should be applied. That's with canned effects off.
  10. I'm going to try verifying integrity of game cache. I'm getting oscillation in the F40 and 599. All other cars are fine.

    Edit: Well steam verified it and found 2 missing files. After I tried the two cars again, seems like its fixed although I'm not truly sure. The F40 steering doesn't feel precise, I suppose thats just the nature of the older car?
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  11. up your wheel rotation to 900°
  12. f40 indeed doesn't feel precise compared to the 458 etc. Is's a bit more 'spongy', I recokon that is intended.
  13. Thanks the tips, will test that tonight.
  14. Even more so with semi-slicks than original tires...Aris just confirmed this to me that it is by design
  15. Yeah I imagine the car won't feel as precise as a newer, more refined supercar with hightech on it. But that oscillation is weird, not sure if that's intended.
  16. I doubt it is intented, for sure not that severe....I noticed by accident that when I took my hands off my wheel and let the car creep along at a few miles per hour the wheel oscillated similar to that but only about a third as bad....does it act right once you get going at a decent speed or can you feel it constantly?
  17. It gets less violent after getting more speed, but at the same time the added speed makes the wheel go light so it will oscillate further (with less force) and finally it'll make the car spin out. I'm quite used to this being a "problem" in other sims where wheel oscillation in high speed straights will make u crash if you let go of the wheel for any amount of time, but I had noticed that this was not a issue in AC, at least not on the cars that I've driven the most.
    It's not really a big problem per se on high speed, cos frankly you don't let go of the wheel that much :p
    But on the F40 it's a problem on slow speed corners cos the wheel keeps rattling.
  18. All I can think of is try unplugging and plugging it back in and if that doesn't help start messing around with every setting you can....The F40 is one of the most difficult to drive sim cars I have ever experienced (and on semi-slicks even more so..the tires have more grip than the chassis can provide) but not in the ways you are describing.
  19. Doesn't sound right to me either. Did you get some help at the AC forums?
  20. Not yet, but a few others are reporting the same or similar issues with both Fanatec and Logitech wheels.