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Valentino Rossi The Game: The Modding Wiki

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Jonix, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. This is the first time a thread like this is created for Milestone/MotoGP series. Yay ;)
    Here you fill find: Infos, Tutorials, Tools

    If you think you have something interesting to share, please comment below, I will add it!

    Some infos (MotoGP Modding Wiki)

    Game files are stored in archives. Archives are in .mix format.
    Each archive may contain:
    .bin (3d files)
    infos under spoiler
    As of now .bin files cannot be extracted. Nobody has written a script/software to unpack them. However, if you want to rip 3d models, you can try NinjaRipper. It works! Though uv maps do not get ripped...
    .bml (parameters/database) more infos under spoiler
    .bml files are really used by Milestone as dababases. They contain: tyres grip level & physics in general, bikes performances, riders performances, menu items and everything user interfaces related...and a lot of more stuff!
    They are simpy text/values and can be edited easily.
    The best software available to edit them can be found at the bottom of this post (Modding tools).
    .dds (textures) More interesting infos under spoiler ;)
    Textures names of the game can finish with _D or _N or _L. For example, in VRTG you will find Rossi's helmet texture is "HELMET_603_D". But there are other two files, "HELMET_603_L" and "HELMET_603_N". Why? What are the differences? Let's see!
    "_D" textures: If it ends with _D; it means it is the normal texture (colours and texts you will see in the game).
    "_L" textures: are scales of green and red. Green is shiny/reflective, red is not shiny. These special textures define how the colours of the _D texture behave in the game, so they can be shiny (bike liveries) or not shiny (human skin)
    "_N" textures: are normal maps. Normal maps are a type of Bump Map. They are a special kind of texture that allow you to add surface detail such as bumps, grooves, and scratches to a model which catch the light as if they are represented by real geometry.

    It may be hard to get at first, but just test a bit, you will realize how simply it is!

    Special mention: "Beast" textures. You will notice that many textures in tracks.mix are named "Beast". They are linked with Austodesk Beast.
    Beast is a set of tools for creating realistic lighting in games. With Beast, developers can simulate natural lighting effects: color bounce, soft shadows, high dynamic range lighting, and lighting of moving objects in real-time game environments. Beast helps creators enhance the visual quality of games, resulting in more compelling game experiences.
    .BANK (audio) more infos under spoiler
    Milestone's audio files, that is to say engine sounds, menu sounds, crowd sounds, crash sounds (you get the point) are stored in .BANK format. As of now, nobody knows how to edit them successfully.

    From the web:"The .BANK files are information packets used by FMOD audio software and are accessed by the game engine they were created for.
    Therefore you cant open up and modify any of the .BANK files without accessing the original project pack in FMOD. The original project file is not included in the games installation files because the VR46.exe can access them by itself."
    .ENV (environment) more infos under spoiler
    They are contained in tracks .mix, and they manage lighting, reflections, light intensity, sun direction (as a vector), sky light color, ambient occlusion, blur, reflections qualities, grass quality and Lod (level of detail)...and so on.
    They can be edited with notepad, since they are simple text files.
    .XSM (animation files)
    XSM is an animation file.
    They are made with EmotionFX, which is a proprietary software, so there is no way to edit them without a license as of now.
    .FXO (shaders) more infos under spoiler
    They are, in fact, shaders used by Milestone. "Shaders calculate rendering effects on graphics hardware with a high degree of flexibility." They cannot be edited, at least that I know...
    .PEX (particles) I do not have enough knowledge to share about these ones

    Modding Tutorials Series (Provided by the community)

    The full documentation can be found here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/the-complete-modding-guide.10928/

    It's an open source tutorial document
    It covers Physics, Textures, etc


    Modding tools available:

    Pack / unpack .mix (milestone archives):

    -MixFileRemixer 0.1.6 Download here http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mixfile-remixer.485/
    .dds (textures):
    -Photoshop or any other software that supports dds files (like Paint.Net that is free http://www.getpaint.net/index.html)
    .bml (parameters):
    -Open BML by Dyego Download here http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mgp-bml-file-editor.10728
    -or HexEditor
    .ENV (environment):
    -Any text editor like notepad

    P.S. Only Modding related ideas / sharing! NO REQUESTS!
    Requests here: http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...e-game-modding-questions.123112/#post-2261573
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  2. Bank files are the main issue at the moment. Never figured out how to open them
  3. "The .BANK files are information packets used by FMOD audio software and are accessed by the game engine they were created for.
    Therefore you cant open up and modify any of the .BANK files without accessing the original project pack in FMOD. The original project file is not included in the games installation files because the VR46.exe can access them by itself."
  4. I'm going to write a complete modding guide
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  5. Updated with link to the modding tutorial document and more stuff
  6. Thanks for the basic info to get started. I posted request on steam discussion for lower FOV but rather than hoping so, I would like to modify it myself for helemt /FOV camera and position. I guess essentially all recent milestone games use similar file structure, the method will be useful for not just "VR the game" but Ride,Motogp15 and specifically for upcoming Ride 2 as well.
    Someone mentioned Hex editing BML file after extracting .mix files.

    I am zero when it comes to hex editing and was wondering if there is a follow to guide or tips to make it happen. After extracting a DATA.mix file from motogp15, I see a "cockpit cameras.bml" in \DATA\CAMERAS\NEW in BML editor but not sure what and how to modify for what bike. A video tut might be asking for too much but a guide like this(
    ) is a desperate request for help.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  7. http://imgur.com/a/FU1Z6
    Here a BML view of cockpitcamera.bml from DATA.mix.
    Is this the right value to edit and is it going to be a hit and trial for finding relevant bikes?

    I edited all to see if it even works. But after repacking, my game (Ride) is just stuck on black screen while starting :(
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  8. ok maybe you edit the wrong file for example for edit the therd person wiew must edit gamplaycommoncameras file in motogp 15, so i think you can have a look on to this file in cameras files and search to helmet wiew offsets or definitely i say only bullshits!! ahahahaha
  9. Thanks for the confusing reply :)
    I tried looking for the mentioned files and parameter and found this http://imgur.com/a/zG5HU
    Still...not sure if this is what was referred to and how to relate value change for FOV
  10. yes it is! the right parameter but for sure you must try guy, many many times is the only way to understand, i can tell you that the parameters represents the 3 axes the X Y and Z axes, X is the orizzontal Y the vertical and Z the deepness but i don't remeber well whitch parameter is, so i tell you to try to edit one for one the parameters to discover the right one
  11. Thanks for reply. Just to be clear again, you are saying that these xyz values not for shifting head position but for FOV. I'll try later and see for change
  12. ok to be clear i'm not sure how the values change the resoult of wiew, but for my experience with others games the only value that can only eventually change the head position is the Z axis, cause it interact with the deepness so also the field of wiew can maybe change, but we are always talking of wiew and not of position,normally when in game is write wiew it's talking what you see and not where your head is but repeat i'm not sure about this, better to try and look what is changing
  13. i was trying to use these tools for RIDE 2, no luck. Seems like they changed something in mix and bml files =( y
  14. Strange:O_o:. I am able to edit camera views for RIde2 using the mentioned tools. Where as for Ride1 and Motogp15, so far no success and I am yet to find the concerned files. I am upgrading my Gpu and will post link to my results later on.

    BTW...anyone knows how to keep these modification for online play . The changes I am doing to data.mix or any other file blocks access to any online features.

  15. Model vs Bike


    Model: 100. TwoStrokes125 Aprilia RS125R 1996 Bike
    Model: 101. TwoStrokes125 Aprilia RS125R 1997 Bike
    Model: 102. TwoStrokes125 Honda RS125R 1996 Bike
    Model: 103. TwoStrokes125 Honda RS125R 1997 Bike
    Model: 104. TwoStrokes125 Yamaha TZ 125 1997 Bike

    Model: 200. TwoStrokes250 Aprilia RSW 1998 Bike
    Model: 201. TwoStrokes250 Aprilia RSW 1999 Bike
    Model: 202. TwoStrokes250 Honda NSR 1998 Bike
    Model: 203. TwoStrokes250 Honda NSR 1999 Bike
    Model: 204. TwoStrokes250 Suzuki RGV 1998 Bike
    Model: 205. TwoStrokes250 Yamaha YZR 1999 DER Bike
    Model: 206. TwoStrokes250 Yamaha YZR 1999 Bike

    Model: 300. TwoStrokes500 Aprilia V2 2000 Bike
    Model: 301. TwoStrokes500 Honda NSR500 2000 Bike
    Model: 302. TwoStrokes500 Honda NSR500 2001 Bike
    Model: 303. TwoStrokes500 Honda NSR500 2002 Bike
    Model: 304. TwoStrokes500 Suzuki RGV 2000 Bike
    Model: 305. TwoStrokes500 Yamaha YZR500 2001 Bike

    Model: 400. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2003 Bike
    Model: 401. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2005 Bike
    Model: 402. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2006 Bike
    Model: 403. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2007 Bike
    Model: 404. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2008 Bike
    Model: 405. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2011 Bike
    Model: 406. FourStrokes Ducati Desmosedici 2012 Bike
    Model: 407. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2002 Bike
    Model: 408. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2003 Bike
    Model: 409. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2004 Bike
    Model: 410. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2005 Bike
    Model: 411. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2006 Bike
    Model: 412. FourStrokes Honda RC211V 2007 Bike
    Model: 413. FourStrokes Honda RC212V 2010 Bike
    Model: 414. FourStrokes Honda RC212V 2011 Bike
    Model: 415. FourStrokes Honda RC213V 2012 Bike
    Model: 416. FourStrokes Honda RC213V 2013 Bike
    Model: 417. FourStrokes Honda RC213V 2014 Bike
    Model: 418. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2004 Bike
    Model: 419. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2005 Bike
    Model: 420. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2006 Bike
    Model: 421. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2007 Bike
    Model: 422. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2008 Bike
    Model: 423. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2009 Bike
    Model: 424. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2010 Bike
    Model: 425. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2013 Bike
    Model: 426. FourStrokes Yamaha M1 2014 Bike

    Model: 500. MotoGP2015 Ducati GP15 Bike
    Model: 501. MotoGP2015 Honda Bike
    Model: 502. MotoGP2015 Honda unoff Bike
    Model: 503. MotoGP2015 Aprilia Bike
    Model: 504. MotoGP2015 Yamaha Bike
    Model: 505. MotoGP2015 Forward Yamaha Bike
    Model: 506. MotoGP2015 Suzuki Bike
    Model: 507. MotoGP2015 Ducati GP14 Bike
    Model: 508. MotoGP2015 Ducati GP14-2 Bike
    Model: 509. MotoGP2015 ART Bike
    Model: 510. MotoGP2015 Ducati GP14-1 Bike

    Model: 552. Moto2 2016 Tech 3 Bike

    Model: 600. MotoGP2016 Yamaha YZR-M1-1 Bike
    Model: 601. MotoGP2016 Yamaha YZR-M1 Bike
    Model: 602. MotoGP2016 Suzuki GSX-RR Bike
    Model: 603. MotoGP2016 Honda RC213V Bike
    Model: 604. MotoGP2016 Ducati Desmosedici GP142 Bike
    Model: 605. MotoGP2016 Ducati Desmosedici GP16 Bike
    Model: 606. MotoGP2016 Ducati Desmosedici GP15 petrucci Bike
    Model: 607. MotoGP2016 Ducati Desmosedici GP15 Bike
    Model: 609. MotoGP2016 Aprilia RS-GP Bike
    Model: 610. MotoGP2016 placeholderGP 2016 Bike

    Model: 650. Moto2 2016 Kalex Moto2 Bike
    Model: 651. Moto2 2016 Speed Up SF16 Bike
    Model: 652. Moto2 2016 Suter MMX2 Bike
    Model: 653. Moto2 2016 Tech 3 Mistral 610 Bike

    Model: 700. Moto3 2016 Honda NSF250RW Bike
    Model: 701. Moto3 2016 KTM RC250GP Bike
    Model: 702. Moto3 2016 Mahindra MGP3O Bike
    Model: 703. Moto3 2016 Peugeot MGP30 Bike
    Model: 704. Moto3 2016 Husqvarna Bike

    Model: 900. Yamaha R1M Yamaha R1 M Bike

    Model: 000. FT Yamaha Flat Track Bike
    Model: 001. FT Honda Flat Track Bike
    Model: 002. FT KTM Flat Track Bike
    Model: 003. FT TM Flat Track Bike
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  16. Thanks a lot :)
    Is Cokpitcameras.bml located in Data\cameras\new is the concerned file to edit? I changed fov for all the bikes in it but still no change in game :(