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Valentino Rossi The Game Modding Questions

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Jonix, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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  2. bml-file editor,Valentino Rossi works on the game ?
  3. Yes works perfectly
  4. and change the ability of pilots?
  5. so is not always first the same and have more variety
  6. My question is the following:

    I'm going to play a little bit with the lighting, position of the sun etc.
    Do I always have to unpack the mix-file, edit some parts, repack the new mix file and then test ingame? Isn't there any faster way, for example putting the edited file in the same folder outside the mix-file?
  7. No, you have to manually do it everytime

    Just setup up your MixFileRemixer
    open .ENV file with notepad, edit it and save, repack with MixFileRemixer, play game
    If you are not satisfied, edit file again, click repack in MixFileRemixer, play game
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  8. There seems a huge improvement in skillscatalog.bml! it is called something like "Race Performance Perturbation". Change it for all riders to 0.1 - 0.15 range, and you will see Marquez occasionally drop down from 2nd on the grid - to, for example 12th! So performances definitely can be made unpredictable (remember Lorenzo in Catalonia dropping down). Original values are like 0.002 - much too small (Marquez on podium almost always).
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  9. And as I edit it can you explain me thanks
  10. Yeah but that can be made for some Moto3 riders (some riders that not always are in front)
    But Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez are always in front so in real life so...
  11. DATA.MIX must be unpacked, using mixfile remixer to some folder. 2282 files will be there. Then find there VEHICLES\AI folder (full path DATA\VEHICLES\AI). There is a file inside, called SKILLSCATALOG.BML.
    Open that file with MGP BML Dyego's editor.
    And then look for down the order row - Skill {MotoGP_Marc_Marquez}, etc.... press "+" and edit values below "RacePerformanceMaxPerturbation"...
    change also TimeGenerationMax values to a bigger ones Marques's 1.002 to, say, 1.018 so he sometimes will qualify 7th, not always in top 3.
  12. Ok...after edit everything... where I copy it
  13. I am going to have a muck around with some of the visors . Kind of silvery shiny (not some beady eyes ) Any Ideas to help are appreciated.

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  14. Question ... what is the best way to re position a race number or sticker on one of the bikes?
  15. That is painful, as fo any other textures...you have to keep launching the game and checking everytime.

    A good tip is to take screenshots of what you want to edit and study them with the texture files, so you get an idea of how much you have to change and how...It might save you some time
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  16. Jonix, I suggest you to add in the opening info-message a software called Paint.net, free, light and able to open and modify dds files. A good one

    download page: http://www.getpaint.net/index.html
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  17. In the skillcatalog is there any option for pilots from dropping?
  18. You must repack all this "DATA" folder back, using the same Mixfile Remixer 0.1.6.
    This time choose tab "Create new mixfile", then Browse and select DATA folder (where all extracted files are). Important (!) - in combo box "Mixfile format" select SBK-X/V8. And then specify "New mixfile path" - DATA.MIX in games root folder. Beware - backup original data.mix!
    Press - "Pack new mixfile" button.
  19. Not always (at least all three of them), these settings still allow to win Lorenzo or maybe Dovizioso, but not L.Baz. Remember, last year L.Baz was even 4th in one race! It will never happen in The Game, without changing those values. Of course, crashes played huge role in Baz's success, but anyway... And it must be very rare that all three of them will be slow in the same race. And even then M.Vinales or D.Pedrosa likely will win, not, for example, D.Petrucci...
    BTW, I increased "Respawn" time to 15 secs. It must be this way, otherwise time loss by rider is ridiculously small. Also they lay down after crash, so no problems with animation stoppage being too obvious (rider running and freezing).
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  20. In that folder is the spawn for pilots