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Skins URD Skin Pack for Enurance Series - Proof of Concept v2

Version 2

  1. Crivitz Chris submitted a new resource:

    URD Skin Pack for ES - Proof of Concept - Version 1 - Le Mans 2015

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  2. Nice. :)

    I do already have the URD skin pack from the ISI forum. Are all these cars included?
  3. Most of the GT skins will be the same. P2 and P1 have been approved by the AC artists. Both will have additions not in the original release. This will "merge" the URD skins with EnduSeries. I have renamed some of those original files, so that I can have an across the board standard.
  4. can somebody tell me how to select a full grid with all of these cars with mas editor? can´t see these temas in the mas2 editor, only the normal one coming with the URD cars...
  5. Select the "ES_15LM" class from the Race Options menu (I think that is what it is called). I'll post a screen shot when I get home from work. No need to use the mas2 editor.

    That is where the "Proof of Concept" comes in. You can create separate custom classes, "merging" multiple mods, without having to create brand new .rfcmp. This was works almost exactly as rF1.
  6. Select the ES15LM or the complete ES 15 series in the opponent list.

    You'll get a full grid of LMP1's, LMP2's and GTE cars.

    GRAB_002.JPG GRAB_004.JPG GRAB_003.JPG
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  7. Thanks Gijs! The first screen was what I was trying to explain. If you select "ES 15LM" you'll have all of the LM2015 cars. It is 3 mods merged together (URD PX, URD EGT and ES).

    More cars will be coming soon. Nobody has posted about any bugs or any other suggestions. I just have to apply the new standard to the other cars I all ready have converted.
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  8. Thx. Now I found that option. When I go to the car selector and select one of these cars and went on to AI edit there are all parameters at 0. Would it be better to edit these parameters first for all cars to get a better single player experience?
  9. Yes. If you have found nice balance for the AI. Send your AI's (rcd files) to @Crivitz Chris . :)
  10. Thank you very much for your great support to make RF2 more attractive.
    I used to practice RF1 family sims (GSCE, AMS, etc..) that are very easy to tune to my taste and never succeeded to enter RF2 system and his non-friendly at all MAS utility mandatory tool.
    2 questions:
    - As small test, I quickly tried to add one GT3 to LM 15 class. I created folder for skin +RCD file with proper class mentioned but the car didn't appear. What is the key to make a car/skin appear or to be added in a class?
    - In your 1st version (I didn't donwload the 2nd one yet) I noticed added drivers names aren't mentioned but class +number. Which line of rcd file does RF2 read to show driver name in race?
  11. If the car doesn't appear in the car list. Check the driver name in the .rcd. The driver name must be unique among all .rcd's.
    The folder containing the skin must have the same name as the driver name.

    That's why i did the car name as driver name. It's much easier to manage your AI's

    BTW: The best why to create a new AI is ingame.
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  12. Ok thank you. I'll have a look on that.
    BTW I didn't know I could create AI ingame.
  13. I would have linked to have been able to do the driver names. But it's the making the .rcd's unique that is difficult with that as you do run out of unique names. I guess I could have done "Andre Lottier - LM15" as the driver name.

    As Gijs said the best way to start off with adding GT3s to other classes is to start off from creating it ingame. From the "Tuning" menu, click on "Create Directory". That will create the folder structure for the car. It will also create an "Alt.dds" livery. You may have to exit the game and reenter for the game to recognize it. Once you get back to the game, go back to that cars "tuning Menu". Select the "alt.dds" and then "Create Driver". Just enter whatever for Team name, driver name etc, as you will be changing that outside of the game. The "Create Driver" will create the .rcd file, that you will use as a template.

    From there it is renaming the .rdc, changing the lines. The "Classes" line will need to be added as that is not there by default. That is how to add the cars to existing classes or other mods. You can use the ones that I have uploaded as an example. One thing I am not sure on and haven't tested is to see if adding a "GENString" line will allow you to do car model changes.

    It is a lot easier to do than explain. If you look at the .rcds and file naming I have done, you should see the pattern of what you need to do to get other various cars merged together. I can also answer any questions you may have. As Enduracers have released their templates yesterday, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more single cars released, and hope that the painters will follow a similar format to this, as it is just a drag and drop to add a new car.
  14. Bassicly it comes down to:
    - "Create dir": It creates a loose skin directory. (ingame)
    - Create a ".mas" from you car livery: including carbody, windshield, rims, driver, helmet, etc...
    - Put the mas in the loose skin dir
    - "Create Driver". (ingame: driver name must be Unique)

    - Optional: you can adjust the AI talents.

    Steps are explained here:

  15. Click on the reload button. ;)

    BTW: I use rF2 in windowed mode on a small resolution. So i can switch between rF2 and photoshop. to preview my skin in 3D in the rF2 tunning menu.
    - Save the .dds in photoshop to the correct location.
    - Overwrite the Altxxxx.dds
    - Click on Reload. :)

    You can do this for the complete car: windows, rims, rear wing, etc...
  16. Dear both. Thank you for taking time to learn tips to newbees ;)
    Unfortunately I don't have access to my PC until end of this week but for sure I'll test it on next week.
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  17. Can someone please reply with install instructions? I've downloaded the URD PX and GT and ES mod. Are the skins for the cars included in the above 800MB mod and where do I place the folders. Help needed!
  18. Extract the skinpack zip and put the URD folders into your Userdata\Player\Settings folder.

    That's it. :)
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  19. I realized after the fact that I didn't do the additional file structure. Sorry about that!