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rFactor 2: Skinning tutorial

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Gijs van Elderen, May 20, 2015.

  1. rFactor 2: Skinning tutorial

    Template database: Click here
    - ISI Clio
    - ISI FR3.5
    - ISI Go-Karts
    - SCES ARX
    - SCES 919
    - URD EGT Cars
    - URD T5 Cars
    - Lola Rebellion
    - DW12 Indy Car

    ISI Skin data base:

    All file names should be OK, just replace the XX with your car number.
    Note: you can copy/past you alt_XXdriver.dds and alt_XXhelmet.dds to an other car. Just rename the XX with a different car number.

    - Create a Folder on your desktop : example: "29 Gijs van Elderen"
    - Open the Templates with photoshop or gimp
    - Save-as a .dds file.


    - replace the XX with your car number
    - what you don't add will be a default texture.
    - Window and text transparency tutorial: Click here

    To make the complete package transferable via custom skin sharing:

    - Open the Mas2.exe Utility via the rFactor 2 launcher
    - Drag and Drop all your renamed .dds file(s) into the utility


    Set the Compression to High so that the file upload (and then download by others) is smaller by: Using the Options --> Use File Compression --> Level 9 (Highest) - this will compress a single 5MB .dds to under 1MB in size for transfer!
    Go File -->Save As and save this with the same name as your main .dds livery: like alt_XX.mas

    - Use that alt_XX.mas as alt skin


    Create a dir/folder: "UserData/player/settings/........"


    Copy/past your new alt_XX.mas into the "loose skin folder" (UserData/player/settings/.........)
    Click on "reload"
    Select your skin


    Create a new driver/AI

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  2. 1-minute tutorial to window textures

    This tutorial is based on Photoshop CC but should work on any other Photoshop version with the nVidia Plug-in installed.

    1. This is where you start at. You have your name and numbers on your window template but they show semi-transparent in game.

    2. Hold down Ctrl+shift and click on every "T" or thumbnail of any layer you want to be opaque. This will select the contents of the clicked layers. Everything in the selection has dashed line around them

    3. Click "Channels" on the right. Then click "Alpha 1". Make sure you still have the selection (dashed lines) visible and no white text.

    4. Select brush tool and pick white color (white means 0% transparent, black 100% transparent). Then just paint over the selection so the numbers and names become white.

    5. Select the "RGB" channel located above the Alpha channel. Alpha channel should NOT be visible. Save the image as DXT5.

    6. Reload your car and enjoy the beautiful windows!
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  3. Tip:

    While skinning with photoshop or gimp and having rF2 in windowed mode at a small resolution.

    - Load the skin in rF2. (I start with an alt.dds with the wireframe)
    - Make changes to the skin
    - Save and overwrite the alt.dds skin in the loose skin director
    - Click on reload in rF2
    - And preview the result in rF2.

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  4. Thank You
  5. tjc


    Good stuff, many thanks. :)
  6. Cool, thanks! Was looking for something like this. Wanted to make some skins for the flat6
  7. Marc


    Thx @Gijs van Elderen
    this helped me alot last couple days, but now i`m having a weird problem...
    i painted a few cars, when i was done and have checked the skins inside the game i put all .dds files together within a .mas for better handling/sharing. Now there`s the Flat6. I extracted the XX_BBSRIMS.dds somewhere from the install directory. It works fine so far as a XXALTBBSRIMS.dds but when i put all files toghether in a .mas just the Rims don`t get loaded?!

    I read a bit about these .veh files but until now i don`t know exactly how to use them or if it even will help me?!

    I am very new to rFactor skinning at all, any ideas?
  8. Creating a skin for automobilsta, rF1, rF2

  9. david6strings


    hey guys, some1 can help me to get the body.psd of the megane trophy 2008. im getting mad at looking for it, it seems not to be listed on isi's and 397's forums
  10. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Ok... I need help!
    So for the RDLMS I have created car livery parts in GIMP i.e. Banner., rear banner, wing and corvette/main body.

    Two issues:
    1. I want the main skin to be metallic black and yet it comes out grey! I've tried filling the car background and also the file called "Alpha" to 22 on the black/white colour palette from the layers menu. I used this shade as it seems another metallic black ISI car in rfactor 2 was this shading. How do I achieve a nice shiny black metallic effect please?

    2. Using gimp i followed a tutorial to upload the alt.dds from rfactor 2, and superimpose the main body file (flattened on to it). How do I do this for the other car parts please?

    Frustrating as I haven't a background in this stuff but feel I'm close to cracking it!
    The sooner I get this done the better! :)
    please help!
  11. The alpha channel of the .dds + reflection fresnell settings in the shader = Reflection on the car. So what worker on the ISI vette, doesn't mean it works the same on another car.

    I guess "chrome-like" grey?

    Maybe @klo-che can give you some pointers and common practice with their carbody shader to create black metalic.
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  12. =Fieldzy=

    I'm not your brake!

    I add noise to the layer to get the metallic from the effects menu. Hope this helped.
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  13. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Thank you.
    Offline the car comes up grey.
    Online it looks just shiny metal/metallic. Am I correct to simply colour the alpha layer and the paint here sub layer (showing black)?

    Also, any ideas how i add all the body parts to the final product? do they need merging somehow?
    Thanks again...or if anyone else can help that would also be appreciated.

    Paul field...I will look at the noise menu - thanks. main thing i want is black. that is the priority but metallic would be the final piece.
  14. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

  15. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    Two things that would help tutorial wise for gimp is how to work with alpha layer to adjust the how much shine or gloss the paint has,and also how to make a mask layer.These are two things i and a lot of others struggle with i think.

    The corvette template has no mask layer it seems witch makes it much harder to work with.

    As for the file names here is an example.

    rf2 skin files.PNG

    So it's goes something like:
    alt_"your skin name".dds for the body
    alt_"your skin name"EXTRABODY.dds for extra body parts
    alt_"your skin name"WINDOW.dds for the window

    Attached Files:

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  16. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Thank you matt horst!
    I now have all the car parts on!

    2 problems remain:
    The "black" body remains silver/mirror like no matter how i colour the bodywork layer or alpha layer (once it is in the layers menu).
    N.b. i have not removed any layers or merged them down ...not sure if i need to. Also i havent removed wire frame but i have flattened.

    2...the rear wing: if i write a logo on top of the black wing, it only appears visible if i put it to the top of the other layers. However, in game, the logo then displays on the underside of the rear wing! Wtf!

    So many people kindly do tutorials but they're all in bits. As a teacher, I might try and throw a complete on together at some point showing the areas I messed up with....once I figure them out! Ha!
  17. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I used the quoted tutorial but it doesn't cover alpha channel issues or my 2 problems :-( .Thanks tho Gijs
  18. Mmm, normally a template should have a default alpha channel (photoshop cc) or masking layer (photoshop elements/gimp).

    If possible you can copy/past the black/white body-shade/shadow layer to the alpha channel. And and make it darker/lighter with "levels" or (brightness/contrast).
    This will give a much beter then a fill color.

    @Andrew Ford : make sure you save as DXT5 (.dds with alpha)
    DXT1 has a full white alpha layer: this makes the car full reflective.
  19. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I have saved as dx5 on each occasion with mipmaps (whatever they are!).

    Can i check, am i supposed to change the alpha and body layers using colour palette in the layer menu?that is what i have been doing. Thanks for replies