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Tutorial - Beginner's guide to making rFactor AIW

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by chub_pearson, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. One thing that occurs to me is that when recording a path in the AIW Editor it only remembers your fastest lap. I'm not sure why, I guess it's an offshoot of it recording fastest laps in game.
    If you redo your fast path at a slower speed than previously it won't remember it and so the AIW won't change. There's a 'Reset best time' in the menu top left that comes up when you've done a fast lap that lets you start afresh.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful . . . it did come up once before on a thread, but I think that was back on RSC
  2. After redoing pit spots (because they where pretty randomly placed and AI kept crashing into each other on entry & exit) now they won't follow the pit lane or pit speed? I Have set the special slow down at pit entry as in the tutorial?
  3. You need to follow the instructions very precisely to get it to work.

    You need to Detect Corridors when the video tells you to, save when it tells you to, etc.


    rFactor only ever really "hangs" when the path the TDF file is wrong.

    When the AIW is wrong, it just crashes outright.


    AIW Editing is not the easiest thing to do, and the AIW Editor doesn't even come with WP1 and WP2 textures that you need, which is extremely unhelpful.

    Last time I found a link to these missing textures that someone had uploaded.

    But right now i'm struggling to find those missing materials again.


    Anybody got WP1 and WP2 materials?
  4. Is it possible to set the grid on the pit lane?
  5. How to set track boundaries

    Hi, the question is simple, how can this be set?, corridorsĀ“ red lines?, does it depens on the car speed, aswell?, I need some information. :)

    thank you very much and Merry christmas
  6. In BTB set the corridors with the red and green lines, green to edge of road , red to extent of driving area.
    The easy way to correct cut track issues is to use Guitarman's AIW editor after you've finished the track.
    But to make the .aiw perform correctly you really need to make the .aiw file from scratch with rFactor AIW editor first then small edits and refinements can be made with guitarmans editor.
  7. Gday,
    A quick, & possibly dumb question...
    Im trying to use rF's AIW/CAM Editor to lay a circuit onto a completed 'free roam' track of someone else's (with permission, of course).
    Part of the circuit runs over a section that was made with the wall tool in BTB.
    Would this be why the rF Editor refuses to save the path or would it be the enormous length of the circuit I'm trying to accomplish 80-90km's.
    Have done several other AIW paths of 45-50km lengths not using the above mentioned section & they work without a problem...
    If it's because of the section made with the 'Wall Tool' is there some easy way in which it can be made to accept an AIW path?
  8. I'm thinking the Wall may not have the 'driveable' (and 'shadowreceiver') bits set? (Trying to remember if you can set those in 3Dsimed... I seem to remember you could.)
  9. WP1 and WP2 materials missing, any idea where i could get these? Also it keeps crashing but it could be just my problem, as GTR2 and Race crashes occasionally too. And another problem; menu doesn't regognize mouse clicks the first time i click on an item, sometimes it takes three or more and then it may crash too..
  10. You need the dev files.
  11. Link seems to be dead... Actually, the whole filefactory seems dead.
  12. Don't know what happened there with you, the link still works fine for me . . .?
  13. Yeah, they must've done some maintenance, now it's allright.. I did check with "is it me" and the site was dead then.. Just my luck..
  14. what file do i need to keep so that BTB does not overwrite the pathdata recorded with the editor ? at the moment i clear the folder on every export

    thanks in advance !
  15. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    AIW file.
    back this one up.
  16. will do ! thanks !

    i recorded starter grid pits and garage positions but when i save the AIW file the message says :

    "valid pit locations is missing some valid garage locations"
  17. will do ! thanks !

    when i record main/fast/pit path using the editor - do i need to record pits and garage locations as well or can i get those from BTB ?
  18. thanks ! works fine indeed!

    i recorded a fast-path but the AI is not using it - how can i fix that ?

    recorded another fast path before using waypoints but there was no option to save it as a fastpath

    edit : when i enable AI driver the fastpath i recorded is used !

    do i need to save a waypoint fastpath as "main" ?
  19. For some reason the AIW editor only saves your fastest lap when doing the fast path, maybe when you did it again it was slower than the one before. There's an option on the menu once you've started a Fast Path lap to 'Reset Fast time' or suchlike. You need to click on this for the new path to be saved.

    No, you shouldn't save a waypoint fastpath as "main", the main path is the one running round the middle of the track and is different from the fast path.