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Tutorial - Beginner's guide to making rFactor AIW

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by chub_pearson, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Here's a reposting of the guide to making the AIW file I did that was up on our old RSC forum.

    You’ll need to download the AIWCamera editor [rFactorAIWCAMEditor1255.zip]. Go to http://www.rfactor.net/index.php?page=devcorner where it's listed under:
    Waypoint and camera editing tools
    * Download v1.255 [zip]
    Put the unzipped file [rFactor AIWCAM Editor.exe] in your main rFactor folder and double click it to run rFactor with the editor.

    You also need the 'Dev' files folder - this is essential for the AIW editor to work, but for some reason is not included with the editor. It used to be at RSC, but I've put a copy up here:
    Unzip this to your main rFactor folder. It contains two folders:
    DEVFILES - the folder needed for the editor to work.
    AIW Editor Docs - contains screenshots of the editor plus another guide to using it.

    You can also use the AIW CAM Editor by Guitarmaen to fine tune the AI. I didn’t use it myself as I found I could do all I needed using the rFactor editor. Get this from rFactor Central, it’s under Addons\ Mod tools. It doesn’t have to be in the rFactor folder, but you need to edit the rF_AIW_CAM.conf file to point to your rFactor installation.


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  2. i used this very guide the other day to get cars into my Longford track. Extremely satisfying to see the HistoriX cars running round all on their own.

    It would be beezkneez if Piddy could get the garage, pit and grid spots into BTB, let alone the driving lines, though the lines might be better done ingame anyway.

    thanks for the re-post!
  3. I'm glad the guide helped you, woochoo :)

    But surely it would be a bit of a waste of Piddy's time to spend many hours putting AIW into BTB when there's already a perfectly good free tool for doing it? I'd far rather he spent his time on adding things we can't already do!
  4. absolutely, but it would be handy if i could just drag and drop pits, garages, grid spots, pace cars and teleport, just like with the xsectors. it would be another step towards being a fully complete package.

    i have no idea how long it takes to code anything, in my fantasy world imagination it would take him an hour on a friday afternoon (while sipping his favourite beer and wondering if he should order the pizza yet) to get the garages, pits, grid in there. it's just numeric values and a bit of text isn't it? but if there is one thing i've learned from computers, if it looks easy, it always takes way longer than you would have hoped :)
  5. you don't need to do the corridors everytime thou.

    do the main path,and the pit path, and then do the corridors.save aiw,then exit the track,(not the monitor) to the main menu.then reload the track and continue to do your fastline,grid,pits,aux,left. without the resave corridors everytime,after all the corridors are for the main,pit paths only.

  6. Thanks for this chub. Im a REAL novice and this helped loads. 8)
  7. GTR2 AIW

    Chub have you got a beginners guide for a GTR2 AIW?
  8. No, sorry, I've only ever done rFactor ones. I don't own GTR2.
  9. Thanks I'll keep looking.
  10. Hi, i would like some help with doing my AIW,
    Im doing the corridors and i have No red or White lines next to the waypoints.
    its all blue,
    what do i need to do to fix this?

  11. Hi there,

    That sounds like the editor isn't recognising your track surface as driveable so it's ignoring it.

    Check in BTB to make sure the rFactor material name is correct for a driveable surface [road, roada etc] - see the tdf file for a list of the road surface types.
  12. Link to Aiw video tutorial

    Below is a link to the video version of this tutorial
    which can be manualy found on the racesim central addons site under utilities.
    Hope this helps you ........Fritzy

  13. Thanks Chub Pearson
    I had a look in BTB and it seems the driveable surface is called " Roada "
    I'll keep playing around till i get it.

    James capper,
    If thats the Mancowie one, im using that and this tut aswell to help me along the way,

    I have it working now, i had to set it to Roada again, but the next question i have is, its a dirt track and with it set to Roada it sounds like ur on the road now, it was set on grvl and it had the right sounds, what do i have to do to go about turnning it into grvl so the corrodors work?

    thanks for all your help,
    Iv been playing with BTB since last yer, and i must say what a great program it is, made me go out a buy it so i could keep using it, but have only really started getting my tracks into rfactor.

  14. Once you've set the corridors you can change the surface back to grvl again, they'll still work fine :)
  15. oh sweet thank you very much for all your help! :)
  16. Im having some Probs doing my AIW< i seem to get it all done, but then when i go to test it out, it hangs Rfactor,

    Can i get someone to help me out,
    I dont get any errors, so im starting to wonder if im missing sumthing in the aiw

  17. For information, GTR Evo looks to take the AIW file from rFactor... Chub helped me get my AIW from rFactor to GTL (thanks again for that). So I thought maybe I should try GTR Evo as getting AIW working in GTR2 sounds a bit of a task, low and behold, the AIW from rFactor went into GTR Evo and though some cars are running just a little slow (about 5 seconds off per lap) I only noticed this on the GTR2 to Evo mod.
  18. Just want to say thanks for providing this tutorial. Did my AIW today and it's working great!
  19. Hi there,

    Sorry, I don't have any specific suggestions as I've not had this problem.

    If it hangs during the track load then it could well be the AIW file. But afaik something missing won't cause it to hang, you only notice missing things when the AI do odd things. It would have to be something more serious wrong with the file I think.

    All I can suggest is, try loading the track with the basic BTB AIW export just to make sure it is the AIW file.

    You could have a visual check in the editor to make sure all the lines, corridors, waypoint connections etc look ok, but I'd reckon it would take less time to start over again rather than look for the problem. But backup the new AI file each time before you add anything, then check it works ok in rFactor itself before you do the next step.

    If you want to attach the AIW file I'll have a look in the other AIWCAM editor and see if I can see anything odd . . .