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Misc Track_Day PP filter 1.11 + Kunos version

Realistic and brighter look for AC

  1. Boris Lozac submitted a new resource:

    Track_Day PP filter - Realistic and bright look for AC

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  2. Double post.
  3. Finally someone else that understands that all the filters most people made, including the defaults, aren't bright enough and looks way too dim.
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  4. Greets Boris,

    Thanks for sharing.
    Interested by few moments:
    What give HUE=0.40
    And why you using such values for

    Is, for example
    will give the almost the same "cold" color result?

    PS. You can try without doubts to set max exposure to 0.45 and target 0.29-0.31 - should give more visible details, like clouds and etc. Just try
  5. Hi Alexandr,

    It's just a different aproach and it was mostly trial and error with various values until i reached the look i wanted.
    Those numbers above are similiar but still a bit warmer then i wanted.
    Btw HUE made almost no difference to "0" so i just kept it at that value.
    And i hate autoexposure so i went with fixed aproach.
  6. Thanks for the answer. And have a good time, Boris
  7. Hi Boris,
    I've tried your PPfilter with the GBW mod but its absolute to bright on my system:
  8. Which gbw weather is that btw?
    I have just tried the same track with "gbw scattered foggy" and it looks ok to me, something is not right on your example or you have found some extreme weather/filter/time of day combination that just doesn't work :)


    Also, i couldn't make it perfect for all tracks and all conditions. It's a compromise, imo it looks great 95% of the time, some lower quality tracks with dodgy shaders look overexposed, some corners (like one corner on the entire track) may look too bright but i'm perfectly fine with that compromise 95-5 ratio :)
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  9. Thank you for your response I'll give it another try.

    BTW: Have you any suggestions for replacements of the original Kunos PPfilters with the good and bad weathers settings?
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  10. I have the same issue as After_Midnight, way too bright as well. I'm not at my pc for the moment but I tried Riverside with some stormy weather from GBW weathers, I think somewhere around 10 am. With Natural Mod it looked properly dark and storm-like. With Track_Day it was really bright.

    I tried it a few times and compared to Natural Mod it is really bright. I use Natural Mod for Kunos and GBW weathers and that works quite well. Something must be off on my side.

    Natural Mod specifies saturation and exposure must be at 100%. What should it be for Track Day PP ?

    I'll post some more details later.
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  11. Yes same here, exposure and saturation should be at default (100%).

    Please double check that you accidentally don't have some Kunos weather instead of GBW, because for Kunos weathers it is overexposed (new version that i just uploaded has a filter for Kunos weathers included).

    If you post a picture please let me know the exact weather and time of day used, so we can compare thanks :)

    Btw It IS intended to be brighter then most mod weathers as that's what gives me the most realistic and lifelike look, at least for me, but it shouldn't be burning your eyes :)
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  12. Will do. Also, how can I check whether SweetFX is working ? I added the files that were missing at first. A long time ago I used to use ReShade and when the game loaded it printed some text in the upper corner of the screen. I suppose Track Day does not have to be the configured filter when the game is launched for it to work ?
  13. You toggle SweetFx with "Scroll lock" button on your keyboard, you should notice a slight change when turning it on and off... it is On by default whenever you launch the game. And yes it doesn't depend on specific PP flter, it works independently.
  14. Ok, I thought that was how SweetFX worked but wasn't sure. I tried the Scroll lock before and noticed a slight change indeed.