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Tracks The Evo Triangle 1.0

Fast road course

  1. Frank1463 submitted a new resource:

    The Evo Triangle - Fast road course

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  2. Thanks will test when i get the chance! Looks great. :)

    Was wondering as i didnt see any info about it, but does it have a physical FFB road mesh? That the FFB is not picking up on the actual mesh but an extra invisible road mesh with higher resolution to feel that true tarmac. Without it you often get a flat "glassy" no feeling driving except for the elevation changes where the low resolution mesh comes through.

    Sorry if im preaching to the choir here. :p
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  3. Your AI issue might be an easy fix. Change your GRASS to IS_VALID_TRACK=0 and re-record the AI line.
    The AI now thinks the entire map (because your entire world is called 1GRASS) is driveable which might freak them out. Related: place some walls around your track (simple vertical wall) and rename that grass to "terrain" or something. Then rename your grass objects that lie within your walls 1GRASS and cut those up in, say, 50m pieces.. It will save a lot in CPU occupancy.
  4. enjoy the track but serious stutering at the start and end of the lap, the red line in render stats has spikes allover the shop
  5. LilSki

    Premium Member

    This thing is breaking nearly every rule in AC track making. PNG and JPG textures everywhere. Also 380 different textures is insanity. I was going to blame RTB for the performance issues but I'm not so sure I can lay all the blame on that.

    Please go over this thread (mainly the first few posts) as the info is very important.
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  6. Thanks I'll try that out.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, looks like I have some optimising to do.
  8. Thanks for the link, I know I still have much to learn. You might have been a bit less brutal though :p
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  9. LilSki

    Premium Member

    Yeah I do that sometimes not realizing you are new to this so I apologize. Simply getting everything into DDS format will fix 90% of the performance issues. But you also need to cut the texture/material list as much as possible.
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