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The BMW M3 GT2

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stelios, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Hey there, i hope everyone is enjoying the "game"
    I have put many hours into this and I just cant get enough, the more hours you put in each car the more depth you find out hiding underneath.
    I just wanted to say this: The M3 GT2, a disappointment at first, i thought i was driving on rails but after putting a lot of time into it, OH MY GOD. It feels so good, nothing i have ever driven in a sim. At lower speeds its a damn train but when you open the taps it feels RIGHT. Nothing feels as good as going through the 1st turn @ silverstone on 5th gear flat out.

    Also, watching this thing going around in replay mode it looks so damn real.

    I just had to share my thoughts with you, i am a happy man.

    p.s. 458 ROCKS
    p.s.2 i cant drift to save my life - Edit: I can now drift :D
    p.s.3 You know that a "game" is REALLY good when your English is not good enough to describe how good it feels.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
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  2. Heya! Can you tell me some of your laptimes after spending hours driving that car? I'm especially interested in your Imola, Personal best. Just curious how outpaced I am. Thanks in advance.
  3. Stelios

    Premium Member

    I promised to myself i wont even look at my lap times until i am really comfortable with AC.

    I think i must be just under a minute or something like that, not sure :)
  4. You mean 2 minutes, right? ^^
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  5. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Ah sorry seems i dont remember at all ;)

    *Checks game info*

    Silverstone : 1.57

    I think there is lost of room for improvement
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  6. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    European Le Mans Series at 3 Hours of Imola Qualifying results

    I believe the BMW is comparable to the 2nd-4th laptimes in real life and ingame for very good pilots. so around 1.42 mids
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  7. Every word you wrote is spot on: it feels absolutely brilliant. Some people expect top level GTs to handle like a badger on Acid, but they don't seem to understand that they have to be comfortable to drive over long distances, meaning stability and predictability is required. The very fact that we have GTE Am class for pro-am driver pairings should also point to the fact that not every driver has to be Matt Griffin to keep one of them on the track. The trick will be in getting laptimes course to a pro pilot, not just keeping the thing on the ribbon.

    And yes, the replays are so cool that I just cannot stop laughing when I watch them. The car movement is just so convincing!
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  8. One thing though, it's got the wrong wheels on it! I don't think I've ever seen these BBS rims on it, even in testing trim? Sorry, I'm an uber geek when it comes to GTs and prototypes :D Also, is there any chance of getting the car updated to 2012 spec at some point? Paddles, better looking (cleaner aero package), and just that little bit faster :)
  9. Im hoping for more and more GT cars, just my favourite type of racing.

    I really cant wait to try the P4/5, Hoping that will be updated too and some stage.
  10. Stelios

    Premium Member

    I didnt say i was fast :p
    Until now i am mostly experimenting with different cars like everyone else i guess. Just this car and the ferrari make me go wow multiple times during a lap :D

    "I think there is lost LOTS of room for improvement"

    Edit : Oh damn you were talking about Imola :)
  11. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Ops sorry I didn't meant to sound like I make funny of laptimes or whatever heheh
    Honestly I just posted this as a benchmark of real laptimes as we think that AC physics are very close to those. :)
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  12. Stelios

    Premium Member

    You hurt my feelings now you must buy me a Fanatec CSW ;)
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  13. I admit that I played it the whole day, not getting distracted by anyone around me :p
    For the last 5h or so I just enjoyed the GT2 @ Imola, it is so much fun... ridiculous! By far my favourite car/track right now. I am down to 1:44:5... I think I can find a second or so but everything after that will be difficult (for me :D)...
    My biggest problem is the braking though (but pretty much all cars atm though), don't know why I just can't get the right feeling for it yet...
  14. Chris James

    Chris James
    Premium Member

    I had a silly moment when I noticed there is a brake force curve by default, not good for load cells.
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  15. Damn, some oversteer!!!
  16. I love this beast and the physics but I'm a little bit sceptical about the brakes. I watched tons of videos and it just seems that it brakes too much in the game. I'm able to break 50 metres later compared to real life.

    So the 1 million $ question is:
    Is the car in AC made based on real telemetry from BMW Motorsport ?
  17. Stelios

    Premium Member

    I dont know but let me remind you that you are lapping in soft slicks and the real videos u watched are probably mediums.
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  18. Anyone from Kunos to answer that please ? I like how it brakes, just would like to confirm that.
  19. In real life real pilots brake a bit earlier to save tires and not to get in too much trouble entering a corner, if you're hotlapping and doing laps on limit of course you're putting too much wear on your tires/brakes and for sure spinning a lot too...
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  20. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    What Rui Santos said, plus...
    Also keep in mind that you're running the car in optimal conditions.
    In races no fast GT car is without ballast and/or aero limitations.
    Every little thing counts.
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