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South African Touring Car Championship 2009 (RACE 07)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Guy, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Wow, cool guy's.
    Thanks for setting this up RD and Craig my man.
  2. Thank you for the initiative Craig, this will be a super league and thanks RD for your input.
  3. Thanks guys. I am just happy that RD have been so helpful. Without them this might never of happened. So biggest thanks to Bram, Yoeri and RD
  4. SATCC - South African Touring Car Championships

    Hi guys and welcome to the discussion board for our future RD SATCC league.

    As per previous discussions this is what we are aiming for:
    1) Running every 2nd tuesday excpet on the following dates which have already been booked for the current RD Gt championships.

    2) The race format should be as follows working on GMT+2 time (Local SA time)
    19:00 will be 1 hour Free Practise
    20:00 will be 10 minute Superpole (meaning its 1 outlap, 1 HOTLAP, 1 inlap)
    20:10 will be 10 min Warmup
    20:20 will be RACE 1 15 laps
    Followed by Race 2 which will be 15 laps. The top 8 will also be reversed for this race.
    Weather: Changeable

    Possible dates to be used:
    Alternatively we can run more often leaving the Gt champ days open. Thus only a week in between the ones marked in RED

    Tracks: Well thats for us to decide on. A good idea would be to run the first 6 official WTCC tracks in their correct order.

    Points: Points will run as per standard WTCC regulations.
    On this subject, we need to discuss wether we want to run points in the begining and if so, should i enquire about using GPCOS.

    Rules: RD has its own set of rules which is used for the guide for the leagues. Its possibly best to use them as they are atm. That way its standard and there wont be any worries if you want to join other races etc.

    These are just my thoughts on this guys. Its up to us all to decide whats best for this series and most importantly whats the most enjoyment.
    I will keep updating this post with more info as we decide.

    Thanks and WELCOME guys :worship:
  5. Thanks for organising this Craig. Looking forward to racing the touring cars.

    I think we should keep it simple to start with. Being able to score points would be nice.
  6. Are there restrictions on vehicle selections? I know we discussed the 07 WTCC but in this sort of thing are we generally able to select any car within that class?
  7. Howzit Craig.

    I would not mind running weekly if possible.

    As to tracks - I have only driven a handful so far (Macau, Brands and Pau to be exact), so I sort of will leave the choice up to the rest. But I really would like to see Macau somewhere in the schedule.

    That being said, which are the first 6 in the calender?
  8. No restrictions Brad. Any WTCC car from 07
    But would prefer naturally that everybody sticks to the car they use in the frist race.
  9. Looks like 2007 started as follows:


    Macau was the last race of the season
  10. Hi all ..............My clan will also join


    Rob McColl
  11. Here is the official 2007 calender:
    March 11 - Curitiba, Brazil
    May 6 - Zandvoort, Netherlands
    May 20 - Valencia, Spain
    June 3 - Pau, France
    June 17 - Brno, Czech Republic
    July 8 - Porto, Portugal
    July 29 - Anderstorp, Sweden
    August 26 - Oschersleben, Germany
    September 23 - Brands Hatch, UK

    October 7 - Monza, Italy
    November 18 - Macau, China

    Possibly look at doing the ones in red. It covers the entire season in 6 races and allows for Macau :wink2:
    But it the final decision lies with all of us.

    PS: Test your comps to make sure you can run in the wet. So we can have "changeable" weather :sinister:
  12. --> post #1 <--

    howzit guys...

    i don't mind what tracks we use. macau, zandvoort and brands would be cool though.
    seeing as i haven't really tried the WTCC cars for more than 10 minutes i'll be needing some guidance on which to use...
  13. when will our first trial run be then Craig
  14. Thx for the schedule.

    About the cars. How do they stack up? Or rather, is the Alfa reasonable? Last time I saw these on TV the Alfas seemed to be nowhere.

    I can't be seen driving anything else :devil:
  15. I often see on the race 07 server comments about weight penalties do any of the we gonna use have any of those penalties.
  16. Favourites so far in terms of tracks for me are Pau and Curitiba.

    Hey Colin! The cars seem all pretty similar (cept for the BM), haven't driven them that much but if I went for FWD then probably the Honda. I'll probably take the BMW though. :)
  17. @ Rob: Our first trial run will be as soon as everybody is signed up for club membership. Most likely 17 Feb.
    @ Colin: The type of car you want would rely on your driving style. The BMW is obviously Rear wheel drive and total fun. Its also the more technical to drive in my opinion. The Seat is FWD and obviously comes with the understeer. Easier to drive though. The Honda and the Chevy are some of my favourites to drive. Best is to do a couple of laps in each and choose from there. They are all basically even on perfprmance, just different on handling.
    In my opinion that is :)

    PS: Not sure if this post can actually help you at all
  18. Good question MvN ........will the cars be the usual suspects ALFA,SEAT,Chevy,BMW and HONDA ?
  19. No Peugeot in the 07 WTCC class Rob.
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