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Apps Sidekick 1.10.1

Your sidekick on the track

  1. Topuz submitted a new resource:

    Sidekick - Your sidekick on the track

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  2. I love it :) that's how a hud should be in a racing game!
  3. Thank you David, means a lot coming from you. I could say the same for your physics work.
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  4. Topuz updated Sidekick with a new update entry:


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  5. Topuz updated Sidekick with a new update entry:


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  6. Not sure what this is but when i open the console i see maybe 8 rows with the same message:

    "[PY ERROR]: apps/python/Sidekick\Sidekick.py (1063) 'int' object is not subscriptable".

    Everything seems to work perfectly though. Thanks.
  7. Don't worry about it, it's absolutely harmless, I'll fix it for the next update.
  8. Thanks for the update Topuz!

    Could it be possible to invert DRS colors? Right now in the official app thery're inverted (green DRS zone detected, yellow when enabled)
    Another thing, could you please give us the chance to invert the two kers bars (I'd prefer having the energy left on the bottom)

    Thanks again, great app. With transparent backgroud with the Rift is a must-have, non intrusive app
  9. You can just rename the drs_enabled icon to drs_available in the images folder and vice versa. I always found the Kunos colors confusing so I decided not to follow them.
    No promises about the KERS bars, it's really a matter of taste, if I start making tiny stuff like this customizable I'll never have time for anything else. :)
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  10. Thanks, I find the colors chosen by Kunos confusing too (and I prefer yours), it was just to have them concordant when you have both apps open
  11. Cheers.

    BTW, i wanted to change the RPM limit for some cars and in the readme it says to open "config.py", to do that, but i dont have that file. I see Sidekick.py but im not smart enough to know how to change that since i cant see any car names. Any ideas?

    And massive thanks for this app. It is amazing to say the least. Its everything i ever wanted in an app. :thumbsup: And since i mapped the app cycle/change to my wheel its even better as i can get all info while driving. Really an "official quality" app. Superb. :)
  12. I guess it,s a typo as I have that info in "config.ini"
  13. Whoops, it should say config.ini. However, the rpm limits are currently global and not stored per car if that's what you were after. It may come one day, but it's much more complicated to get actual optimal shift points for every car than it seems. Think of it as a simple rpm limiter warning and not a super-advanced optimal shift point assistant. :)
  14. Ah ok gotcha. Thx. :)
  15. I made one that is red with white text when enabled (fits with the red RPM limit color perfectly) and green with black text when in DRS zone. Different font as well. Hope thats ok @Topuz :)

    Cant upload zip's here and i dont know if them i uploaded will be of worse quality. But if you want them just PM me and i zip them up for you.

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  16. Topuz updated Sidekick with a new update entry:


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  17. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium

    Magnificent work. I love it.
  18. Haven't tested 1.3 yet, my comment is about 1.2.

    Is there anyway to disable the "consider lowering FFB gain" message?
    It's really obnoxious and i'm fully aware it clips on certain points of the track.

    Other than that this a great app, more discrete and just as good as useful as the race essentials.
  19. Yes, have a look in config.ini file, there's an option to disable this notification.
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