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Round #4, Imola: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Jun 1, 2014.

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  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    No comment.
  3. well done Adrian Falcon.
  4. well done Dan Brewer
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  5. Started 11th - down to 25th - finished 9th.

    But overall: :poop:
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  6. Lol so you ram into him in T1 and then you divebomb him and you still say well done? :cautious:
  7. you take me out two times, and cut the chicane to maintain position. the final one at the penultimate corner was my fault.
  8. Well, if you dont know how to overtake...

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  9. You better re-watch the replay.

    PS:Official replay its already up.
  10. You better stop talking spanish in race...
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  11. I have rewatched the replay for all four incidents before I posted on here, so it is like I said. He drives into me off start line. He cuts chicane to retake position. He decides the track doesn't curve left before t2. I take responsibility for the final one.
  12. Its an rF2 bug, I didn't know this could happen but happned already in WC.

    You don't know how boring is it to watch 38 laps when you aren't interested at all.
  13. Do protest and I will penalize what its necessary but I watched the incident live and its very clear for me.
  14. Once again I lost all my confidence going to second stint. Just didn't have the pace again with the other compound. And lot of backmarkers but most of them were really respectful so thanks for that.

    Mikko Suokas
  15. from cockpit view my opinion becomes much more justifiable...
  16. Sry but I dont care how boring it is for you ;) You choosed this job, so please do it proper.

    You dont know how annoying it is when race director speak spanish and you first have to get, that it is not for you and has nothing to do with the race. It takes some seconds to realize.
  17. Then process faster if you understand a language or not. easy as that.

    If you read regulation its says you only have to read the following message THREE TIMES and its the following: RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG.

    Any other messages should be ignored.
  18. Well. Worst race over a long time. 15th at the end maybe. I don't remember.
    S2 was a spinner festival for me. At least 5 times I went to the wall. Lost over a 100 seconds easily because stupid mistakes.
    Funniest situation was with Tuomas Koriala and Carlos Hernandez. Tuomas did 1080 at least and then BANG, smashed me into the wall and took Carlos out too. For someone reason I didn't lose any wing :O_o:, but my rear suspesion was fu**ed up really.
    I am sorry if I made someone's race today dangerous. :(

    Next time I will start from the pits. I see no reason to risk my balls at Canada S1. :ninja: Need more race setup practice really. :sneaky:
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  19. But you throw out me in a lap 17 :(
    and next time overtake me on a straight line :O_o::devilish:;)
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  20. Maybe you should read regulations ;)
    If you read regulations you will find this:
    Drivers must have the in chat display activated. Race marshals have the right to type warning
    messages to drivers, alert them of blue flag situations, give them drive
    through and stop and go
    penalties during the race if necessary or disqualify them.
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