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[rFactor]F1 Support Event Bahrain: 4th april 2008

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Theo de Bruin, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. [rFactor] F1 Support Event Bahrain: 4th april 2008

    After the first two F1 support events in Race07 with the F3000 it's time to give rFactor the ball.
    The F1 circus visits Sakhir in Bahrain and so do we, class of choice are the Meganes.

    Friday 4th of april 2008

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    Schedule (GMT time)
    6:30pm Practice
    7:00pm Qualifying
    7:30pm 45 minute race

    Server settings
    Pitstops free
    Standing start
    Auto clutch as an aid only


    1 Theo de Bruin
    2 Gareth Hickling
    3 Formula1[NO-B]
    4 Roy Stevens
    5 Hamann M3
    6 Ben Buitendijk
    7 Degreef Gregory[NO-B]
    8 Juppes
    9 Darron Miller
    10 James Johnson

  2. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Count me in!
  3. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    Yes please.
  4. You're in!!! Oh, and of course I'll be there myself too!! :circuitzolder:
  5. Sign me up plz .:thumb:
  6. I adjusted the starting times, hope this isn't a problem for the people who allready joined!
  7. I just had a go round done 2 laps and locked up anyone else had any probs ??

    so i mite have to sign off this one
  8. Don't think so, but I'll check!
  9. Sorry if I didn t understood , it s Megane serie ?
  10. This is confusing me a bit,i was hoping to try and run the full F1 support season thinking it was always going to be F3000 in Race07,surely the obvious choice to give us all that "F1 Sensation"?,i dont even own rFactor,but i think i might get it quite soon just off the back of watching some of Gareths PCC videos :thumb:.
    So the F1 suport season will cross over into almost all the sims run here at RD eh?,but ofcourse always on the proper track for each event.
  11. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Im confused too why not the MMG F1 2007server mod.
  12. Yes me too guys....
    Megane and F1 , you couldn' t found more contrary lol

    Why not rFactor F1RFT2008 , or MMG2007 as said Hammann ?!
    Why not F3000 in a track from Nogrip, a track which is "a little" like Bahrain ?!
    There are so many tracks !!
  13. Me to!!!!
  14. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    [rFactor] F1 Support Event Bahrain: 4th april 2008

    I think the thread title speaks for itself... lol.

    Are the F1's a support class now?. Do they run a second race, that isn't televised, to support the race that is televised?... lol.

    The support classes vary around the world, but the mainstays are the Porsche Supercup and the GP2 series.
    I can understand staying with F3000, its the class GP2 has replaced, that makes sense.
    We ain't gonna get a second PCC race in a week.

    But... if you could get Bahrain into Arca, then you could run that... lol.

  15. All good valid points by Eck there,the clue is in the title "Support",for me it was just a personal bit of confusion(story of my life really),i just assumed the whole season would be us doing the virtual "Support" round in the F3000's in Race07,was looking forward to that as well,but ho hum...maybe the following round will be in a game i have :).
  16. My apologies if there has been some misunderstandings about the F1 support series. First of all you got to understand that it is not an "official" RD event like the FD events. It's just something I thought up. And it was always my intention to vary between the different games, the main idea behind it (for me) was to have a fun race on the same circuit F1 is racing that weekend. So it is also in no way tied to an official support event or anything...
    So for me the plan is to organize events for GTR2 and GT Legends as well. This time I chose rFactor mainly because as far as I know it's the only game that has a (legal) Bahrain circuit availabe. And I just picked the Meganes because I thought it was a good and popular series (I am still an rFactor n00b).

    So again sorry if I have raised expectations with this, but I hope I will see all of you online in Bahrain afterall, maybe a good chance to try out something new!! :thumb:
  17. Are you confused too or did you sign up? LOL!
  18. Hmmm... perhaps more people would be interested if the class for this evening switches to say the MMG2007 mod? Support the F1 with F1 so to say :D
    Let me know who would sign up if I switch this event to the MMG07 mod!!
  19. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    The mod would need to be uploaded and installed on the server as F1 MMG is not installed on it, The Meganes are.:rockband:

    I can do it if you require it, but as RD staff, changing times/dates and game mods one day before the event is NOT a good idea,

    I can install F1 MMG if you want mate just say so. Im home all day tommorow :)

  20. Sorry Gareth, should have send you a PM (I did now). Think it's a good idea to install the MMG mod just in case. Could be cool for events in the future as well! Still forget rFactor works a bit different...
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