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rFactor 2 virgin. Need some advice

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Greg Latty, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Ok so after a few months of debating, I finally bit the bullet and purchased this game. I have pretty much every other sim so this was the obvious next choice. I was a little hesitant because i tried the demo and didn't like it at all couldn't figure what it was. But anyway, I bought the game finally and here we are. I can already tell Im going to really enjoy this game but here are a few issues im having.

    1. How on earth do I get the track maps to display. Ive read that its the keypad 0 but pressing that does nothing
    2. Maybe I just suck, but when driving, as soon as the car looses a little grip in the rear I loose all control of the car and go into an uncontrollable spin. What am I doing wrong. Which leads into my next question
    3. FFB.. The one thing I have been reading about this game is that the force feedback is the best in its class. But I'm not feeling it with my G27. While it feels pretty decent, I feel like its missing something. I'm not feeling as much feedback as i think I should. Any tips or setup guides the help me get better feedback?
    4. And lastly, Graphics. I knew going into this that it wouldn't compare to Assetto on a graphical level. But even maxed out im getting a lot of Anti Aliasing issues. And on top of that, I'm getting some performance issues and stuttering. Even with some settings turned down (as per some threads ive read). Any tips on setting up this game graphically to make it look and perform well? I've watched a few videos and the game looked pretty good in some of them. My system specs are
    • Asus P8Z68-V/gen3 Motherboard
    • Intel i5 2500k Processor
    • 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram
    • Evga Geforce GTX 780 Superclocked 3gb ACX cooled
    • Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler
    • Corsair TX750M Enthusiast Series Power Supply
    • Cooler Master 922 HAF case
  2. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    1.) trackmap is actually a plugin that can be found in the mods section. It is an incredibly useful mod that gives you access to a range of information, including like you are asking for a track map.

    2.) how much rubber is on track/how many laps have you done? Also the standard setups aren't the best for some cars. To increase the amount of grip/rubber on track you can add some ai cars, accelerate time (ctrl x) and play with the real road multiplier. Setups is a big part of rf2. Learning about setting up a vehicle is a good way to improve in rf2 because you end up doing lots of laps as you explore making adjustments. There are some really good guides. Unfortunately i dont have the links to them anymore so hopefully someone else chimes in. David most likely will give guidance in this area. The best thing to do is still to just do as many laps as possible, the more driving you do the more you will appreciate rf2.

    3.) ffb is a fairly personal thing. I am not really the best in this area but i managed to find something i liked. But i do still play with the multipliers between each car. Someone else here will give guidance. But tweaking the settings and just trial and error was how i ended up with something i liked. Also as a note the ffb in this game works a little different to others. You will have to learn to use not only the feeling through the wheel but the sounds to be able to react quickly to slides etc.

    4.) from my experience i havent really ran into the problems and i am not as critical as others for graphics. It isnt as optimised as others but i believe they are working on the graphics.

    I know i probably didn't help all that much but i hope i gave you an idea. The pros at this will be able to give you much better information and links to help you out.;)

    Dont give up on it, it is seriously rewarding if you give enough time to the game. :thumbsup:
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  3. hey man. Thanks a lot for the reply. After I wrote this I actually spent some time doing some laps. It definitely gets better with time. so thats a plus. I noticed with this game, All of the cars and tracks arent built equal. Stock or modded content. Some ISI cars and tracks are great and some *meh*. So Im going to have to take some time to learn what content is good or not. Thanks again for the reply. Im having a helluva-lot of fun already.
  4. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    For nVdia cards I found @Spinelli's post on the ISI forum quite helpful:

    Deactivate all rF2 AA settings and download the 3rd party tool nVidia Inspector. There you can enable 2x Multisampling w/ 2x Sparse Grid Supersampling (or 4x/4x, 8x/8x, has to be the same multiplier for both settings).
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  5. thanks. I had NV inspector setup but i didnt have the same value for multisampling and sparse grid. 4x seems to do the trick for me. Im a little dissappointed taht my 780 cant handle 8x with a full grid but thats probably expecting too much. Thanks for the tips
  6. Timothy Wheatley

    Timothy Wheatley
    Image Space Incorporated

    If it helps, I have ordered the tracks on this page in order of (my opinion) on their visual quality. http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/tracks/
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  7. Hey Mate,

    I didn't know you had an account here. :geek: Anyway I'm happy to see you here. :thumbsup:
    If you have any new hot news or sneak previews: Create a thread in the rF2 forum: click here ;)

    I hope to see you here more often...

    So from now on:
    Wake up
    Get coffee
    check twitter
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    check RD alerts: :rolleyes: up there
    check ISI forum.
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  8. Sparsegrid isn't in the AA setting. You set regular AA to 2x/4x/8x and then set Sparsegrid Supersampling under the Transparency Supersamplng section.

    Note sparsegrid supersampling is insanely heavy, I wouldn't use 8x on anything other than a real old game that normally gets like 300 fps. 4x is close to the IQ of 8x though, while providing much better performance.

    In general, all forms of Sparsegrid supersampling are very heavy.

    If you're also looking for higher framerates while hardly affecting IQ, also look at this post --> http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/22793-Large-Framerate-Boost-w-Practically-No-Image-Quality-Loss?p=324424&viewfull=1#post324424

    A couple points:
    A. Remember, if you decide to use Sparsegrid Supersampling, set regular Multisampling AA (MSAA) and Sparsegrid Supersampling AA (SGSSAA) to the same amounts each, for eg. 2x MSAA & 2x SGSSAA, or 4xMSAA & 4xSGSSAA.

    B. Don't use other forms of AA - like CSAA instead of regular MSAA - if you're going to use SGSSAA (the graphics sesttings link I provided above advises to use CSAA instead of MSAA, but it's written for using "regular" forms of AA, not heavy forms like supersampling).

    C. In your rFactor 2 player file, set "Texture Sharpening" to 0 instead of 5. This may make some objects in the distance a little blurrier (really bad on some tracks, but I think that's more of a track-mod design issue, on other tracks you hardly notice texture blur), but it can REALLY clean up the overall image of jaggies, so much so that you may not even feel the need to use SGSSAA. This option was a god-send when ISI first introduced it a while back, everyone was talking about it, praising it how we finally don't need to resort to crazy-heavy forms of AA (like supersampling) to get a "clean" picture anymore, etc., but people seem to have been pretty quiet about it lately.
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  9. Yah ive changed the sparse grid setting in other games as well. Im a rfactor2 virgin but not to nvidia inspector lol. With that being said.. I was saying that i was dissapointed with not being able to run 8x because graphically this game doesnt look much better than gsce and i can run that game fully maxed out with 8x sparse grid and with dsr enabled. But i guess there is more going on graphically that it seems
  10. You shouldn't have to run SGSSAA AND DSR, I believe they both involve downsampling from a higher resolution. I would imagine one or the other should be enough.

    Also, I HIGHLY advise you to try "point: C" in my previous post.
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  11. hmm i didnt see see before. ill try it out. thanks a lot for the help
  12. Sorry for the dumb question, but where exactly is the "player file".

    **edit... nevermind found it
  13. You should also set your framerate limit from the player file rather than an out of game program. Look for "Max Framerate". Put whatever refresh rate you're using (most likely 60 for a 60 Hz monitor, or 100, 120, or 144, for 120/120+ Hz monitors).
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  14. the game is running pretty dam good now. Thanks a lot everyone. I realized one of my issues. The car mod i was using (apex modding gt3 sls) sucks up a lot of resources. Im guessing its a lod issue. most of the other cars (mods included) I can run 30 cars and 4xaa and 4x ssgaa and maintain 60 fps. The replays however arent as smooth until theres only a few cars in the scene
  15. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    The guys have given you some good suggestions.
    I will add.
    There's some excellent resource on the following thread that we created for the RF2 Driver academy.
    Its a kind of induction into setup and drving for RF2. We will run another once a few guys want it (Min say 4)
    But the preparation thread itself has some excellent info that needs reading. Setup guides, driving video. Don't be put off by the first 5 mins its superb.


    and, Welcome
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  16. sweet. thanks a lot man. Ill check that out for sure.
  17. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    That thread was part of and is in the Premium Driver Academy section. Its only accessible by premium members.
    Consider going premium!:)
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  18. Timothy Wheatley

    Timothy Wheatley
    Image Space Incorporated

    Just registered. Last time I tried it kept booting me out and I was in a loop, unable to do anything. You seem to be using a new login system to when I last tried (which was a while ago!)

    I'll certainly try to participate here, though I hardly have time for our own forums. Most people don't seem to know, my role is actually to license our software out (commercial usage, etc). Everything else just sort of fell into my lap of things to do, including the forum, as Gjon was too busy himself.
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  19. Welcome back then. :thumbsup:

    Which company provides the best community support on RaceDepartment.com for their games?

    So just once in a while click here. ;) It will be appreciated.
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