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Race #07, Monaco: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 19, 2011.

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  2. lol track looks even worse on broadcast than it did to drive ! go de wit !!
  3. COME ON DE WIT !! what a lap COME ON SON !! well done !!
  4. be intresting to see how much of a risk huis would take on de wit.. should be great upfront..
  5. Dont think he will take that much of a risk, just hope Patrick doesnt waste this oportunity. Also i think some other drivers are faster then him on raw pace it seems, so will see how this goes. Certaintly interesting race to watch.!
  6. oh my god. how cheap and nasty was that crash absolutley shocking...

    Im so glad i did not race at this track its an absolute FARCE guys.. why on earth you chose it i dont know.. that crash should have not happened..
  7. @ Lee
    The part that was hit was a part of the track and no bug. Just because you can´t drive it it´s not a bad track.
  8. no its **** mate.. its a track bug.. just accept it ok ? we have many people who feel the same.. i refuse to race this and have my monaco reputation tarnished by a **** track choice ok ?
  9. As nick just said to me how can this track justify liscense fee's lol
  10. Yea Exactly Lee. Spot on.

    Today in my view, Forumla Sim Ridiculous. Why the hell do we chose this one, I did not understand, I did not test much though, but I already thought, this is gonna be carnage, but yea we ran it, so I thought they got to know what they do. Now we know, you did absolutly not. What a farce. Thanks for ruining my sunday evening with that crap. Buggy ****.

    Atm I'm also a bit pissed Stephane, haven't watched it closly, so I could overreact, but why the hell you let the car run onto ideal line after crashing I don't know.
    And btw this happened the first time to me today though, rest I always reacted, but I always wondered, why the hell does WC run without clutch aid? We use launch control, but then again we need clutch? Sorry? If we would do starts without LC, okay, but like that, I have never understood it. And if we look at F1, we see, ah Anti-Stall. So again, why?
  11. grat racing upfront, Huis doing a great job pressuring and done well not to hit de wit yet !
  12. Please stop doing replays lets just watch thebattles upfront please !!
  13. **** sake de wit... didnt select your pit ! lol or had damage ! thats it ! race over ! 7 out of 7 for huis.. well done Bono !
  14. LMFAO.. for god sake guys.. it happened again now to Kerkhof ! this track is shocking man !! absolutley shocking !! barrier threw him into a stop and wrecked car.. pathetic !!
  15. im just so shocked that no one in fsr checked this ? i mean come on guys.. what are you doing ? i reported these bugs 2 weeks ago when i first drove it and nothings been changed ? tell me thats not a bad track ...
  16. +1 Lee, Exact same happened to me in WS race I may not of been fast but still stole probably a 7th place finish for me.
  17. It's such a shame and disappointment this. It really is.
  18. I think i chose the correct decision in not racing lol.. so glad i didnt wastetime testing this track.. why we have to use these shocking conversion tracks i dont know we had a perfectly good track last year..
  19. The barier bug was reported back once the track got released 2 weeks ago, so they where aware of this problem. Me was also told that the bariers where colidable in contrary to the normal tracks we use where they are non colidable, that way the barier wont catch the car instead the car will vear off. Anyway me was also told they would look at it, but would be difficult to fix dont ask me why lol probably they had to redo the complete bariers to make it non colidable.

    Anyway i have seen better versions of Monaco so beats my why we used this one.
  20. if it wasnt fixable why didnt they just use last years.... i mean.. its hardly fair when an invisible wall takes you out..