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Race #03, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Looking forward to a good race, but will someone PLEASE tell Liam (commentator) to sort his michrophone out or just dont commentate its realy bad to listen too
  3. Come on someone please sort liam out.. its ruining the broadcast.. also please never use Brundle quotes again lol
  4. Hes sorted it now good !
  5. For god sake will you sort your michrophone out for next race Liam, buy a new one.. or something.. 7 people who i was talking to at the start have tuned out now because of your michrophone...please PLEASE sort it out.. you have had 4 races to do so..
  6. Quite an enjoyable race to watch, well done to Huis, wasnt sure if Atze could challenge at some points but it was not to be !
  7. From GPCOS:
  8. Q: This session was too close. I got P16 with only half a second behind the leader!
    Not happy with this position but it was a step forward.

    R: At the start I got the inside with many drivers battling for position. Finally I gain one or two positions I think in the first lap. Then I knew I had the pace to catch up with others so I was patient. Two drivers made a collision in T2 and I had to go on the grass to avoid them. In lap number 34, Poniatowski made a spin just in front of me and I had less than 1 meter to avoid the collision there, as I did! Final laps was a battle for 14th place with P de Witt. As in previous races we had a hard fight out there but in final lap I made a late brake to have a chance for the position but I found myself on Patrick's rear wing, fortunatelly without any damage to him, so I let him take this place easy! This race was a step forward for me as I had close the gap between the middle drivers and I didn't got a lap on my back from the leaders. He have small targets race by race and untill now we have done a great job for the practise we had. Next time better!
  9. gpcos:
  10. GPCOS Morgan Morand:
    planned mistake? because you had only fuel for max 45 laps according the log files.. Or did you had a date planned at 7pm gmt? I can't think of a better reason to start with 30 liters too low fuel... :S
  11. Hey Lee, it's nice to see that you are still following FSR.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome, but take it easy on Liam please :). Remember that this is basicly a volunteer operation and saying that someone should either fix his microphone or quit is a bit overboard.
  12. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Liam Jenkins is a godsend for this league as far as I'm concerned. He's commentating in all 3 divisions and the kid has so much enthusiasm for what he is doing, not to mention he's a great commentator.

    Remember Lee, he's only 16, so buying a decent microphone isn't necessarily that easy. I'm sure FSR will help sort out his microphone problem in time for Spain.
  13. He is a great commentator.. i like his commentry ! never saidanything about that mate but that michrophone is a disaster lol.. look if hes that young fair play, i will buy him one lol ! serios offer ! but on a serios note the comment about 7 people leaving the broadcast is true im afraid.. they got fed up with it.. i still care about fsr and i dont want to see it become shoddy so it was nasty for me to see viewers leave !
  14. Im sure he will get thi mic fixed:) awesome job!! My only constructive critisism is sometimes Liam is comentating on a battle and the camera man is busy watching something else! What ever is being comentated on should be followed so if you can get in sync with the camera man it would be a good thing;)
  15. Yes that is a good point ! would be better to see what someone is talking about, just requires more communication between the two ! also note to Liam, please dont use Brundle comments, its much better when you are yourself and original, alot of people i was talking to during therace found the brundle comment look but never stare rather amusing lol
  16. Great Job Liam on commentating so far. He's up to the task and does it with pleasure, and it shows! He will get more comfortable after a while, and about the communication between the camera man and the commentator. It's pretty damn impossible. The camera man must anticipate to what the commentator is saying and follow his lead. I suggest since Lee has retired, that he's gonna chip in on the broadcast and feel how it is.
  17. Yeah, Liam is indeed pretty good as commentator. Very good to hear him. Just a shame about his mic, but I guess it will be fixed soon.

    And the rest is as Atze said, the cameraman can just try to follow as soon as possible what the commentators started talking about. It's easier when the commentator mentions the position of the driver he's following so the cameraman can just type the driver position to watch him.
  18. As you may have noticed it wasnt just me who said it lol.. so dont just chuck it all at me ! plus i just said id even buy him a mich and i have done broadcasts before so i know what its like.. but its pretty easy to follow what the commentator says.. just a case of listning etc but sometimes it cant always be spot on.. and id like to chip in on broadcasts.. i have actualy offered 40000 times but as usual no one wants meto help lol.. ill send an email to obama perhaps then i will get a job in fsr :D
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