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Project CARS Logitech DFGT settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Lazarou, May 9, 2015.

  1. No longer applicable and I no longer have a DFGT to test. Check out Bmanic's settings as somewhere to start or better yet have play with the settings yourself you never know you may like what you find.
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  2. Thank you, those vehicle setup parameters made the handling a lot better. Enjoying the game a lot more now.
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  3. MentalTM

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    Many thanks for this!
  4. brooptss

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    Do you perhaps have settings for the pedals that come with the DFGT?
  5. Unfortunately I don't i have not used them for ages. I remember a squash ball under the brake was a must though.
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  6. Nvr play a racing game has these type of so complicated wheel configuration. Just so confuse with all those setting. By the way is there a way to restart career ??
  7. So is this the right way to do for the second step ?? I mean 450 degree ??

    Atm the game is very much unplayable for me. Wheel turn itself either to left or right before race start and wheel lock feel very wrong too.

    Thanks first
  8. Your lock should be set to 900. In the profiler and in game.
  9. So 900° instead of 450° for the 2nd step ?? Ok i will try. I thought since my wheel total rotation = 900° so wheel lock should be 900/2 = 450 :rolleyes:

    Will try & see how. Thanks first :thumbsup:
  10. Edited FFB calibration in first post.
  11. Thanks for these settings, very helpful to me. Do you know how to get more road feel? bumps etc.
  12. Is it i have to do the wheel calibration for new wheel lock setting for every different type of cars that i drive ??
    Thanks first
  13. No you only need to do it once.
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  14. Really ?? I just done my very 1st 3 round of "Kart 1 National UK" race & decide to do some invitation event which is GT2 or GT3 (I forget exactly what event) and i found the in game car wheel turn just a little while i already turn alot.
    So difficult to make any corner like that .. what have i done wrong ??

    Not sure why but after i re-do the wheel calibration the turning is ok now .. weird
  15. OK thanks, I will have a look at that thread.
  16. hey i need some help. In some cars, especially karts, I get this weird feeling that there are bumps all the time and i can't get i away in them. In the GT3 cars i can but now the FFB is really weak.
  17. Changed FFB settings in first post. Now we have some road feel in a straight line.

    Deadzone removal range 0.30
    Deadzone removal falloff 0.01

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  18. Thanks for your work, I can finally drive the straights at Le Mans!
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  19. I have lowered the deadzone removal to 0.18 as you still get the feel on the straights but the value is not too high to effect other settings. Just play about with it until you get a value you like but this is the key to some FFB on the straights.:)