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Featured Project CARS GOTY Edition Revealed + DLC Previews

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    PCARS - GOTY.jpg
    Slightly Mad Studios have announced their best selling PC, PS4 and Xbox One racing simulator, Project CARS, is due to receive the Game of the Year treatment.

    Releasing in 2015 to much fanfare, Project CARS has both amazed and confused its many followers with some truly sublime moments, occasionally tainted with disappointing issues which many feel really shouldn't happen in a modern, highly tested, multi-platform title.

    However despite a troubled birth, the team over at Slightly Mad Studios have worked tirelessly to bring about a heavy list of updates, fixes, feature enhancements and content to finally bring the game up to a level that richly deserves its place in the sim racing marketplace.

    Slated for a Spring 2016 release on all platforms, PCARS GOTY Edition will feature a total of 125 cars (an additional 50 from the initial release) and over 100 variations of 35 racing circuits from around the globe. Perhaps of most interest will be the addition of the endurance layout of one of the worlds most famous circuits - the fabled Nurburgring Nordschleife. The endurance layout allows drivers to race the full Nordschleife combined with the more recent Grand Prix circuit.

    The Game of the Year release will also include updates which have been anticipated since the game launched back in 2015 (a mammoth 500+ features and improvements) and over 60 community-created liveries to compliment the paint schemes already available with the studio created content.

    Game of the Year Edition Trailer

    RaceDepartment has a vibrant Club Racing scene for Project CARS across all three platforms, don't forget to have a look and join your fellow sim racers out on track in a number of car and circuit combinations. Why? Because racing is more fun when you test your skills against your fellow sim racers!

    PCARS RUF.jpg PCARS - US Car Pack.jpg PCARS Aussie V8s 2.jpg PCARS Brands Hatch.jpg PCARS Brno.jpg PCARS Corvette US Car Pack.jpg PCARS Bathurst.jpg PCARS Donington Park.jpg PCARS McLaren F1.jpg

    Will the proposed GOTY Edition of Project CARS tempt those of you who are still without a copy of the game? If not, what do you think PCARS needs to do to make a purchase attractive to you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. So any company can deem their game, Game of the Year without earning said merit?
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  3. These days GOTY basically means that it's the definitive version of the game i.e. it includes all the expansions/DLC that was released after the game launched.
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  4. Now what will hapen to who has already Project cars will this be added as upadate or we must buy a new game. hope not .
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  5. Well, for Slightly Mad Studios it certainly was the Game of the Year - they haven't published anything else for the last 12 months ;)
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  6. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Well , thank god I only play it on one big 34" 3400X1440 monitor. Because if I wanted to run 3 monitors , i'd be SOL! I don't get the GOTY thing. Game of the year compared to what?
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  7. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    According to the pcars twitter account:
    Looking forward to the endurance layout, although it would have been nice to have it from the get go.
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  8. Gringo


    Oh no.

    I have managed to resist bashing pC up to this point but this is beyond bizarre.

    Worst game of the year is more like it. Treating the unsuspecting public like they are complete idiots.


    Edit: My opinion of course. If you are happy with pC, I wish no quarrel. I find the arrogance of SMS to be astonishing.

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  9. I really do wonder where all this hate stems from sometimes... "worst game of the year" you can't be serious. There were hundreds of games released in the past year more deserving of that title, and it's truly shocking if you think otherwise TBH. This is a breakthrough racing simulator, anyone on console at least knows that. I know PC players have a lot more to choose from, and there are better sims out there for you guys, but to call this the worst game of the year is a pathetic exaggeration. Yes, there are many bugs that get annoying,and quite a few race details missing but beyond that I'll never understand how people bash this game non stop. I think the release of this game will be remembered in sim racing history, hopefully not because it's a "steaming POS" to many, but because it truly opened the doors to a competitive sim racing market on next gen consoles. Something SMS took a big risk playing around with, and I'm damn happy someone had the balls to do it.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2016
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  10. The game is not that bad, it can be even pretty enjoyable. It is some individuals' attitude inside the studio that drives me away from the game. Which is shame.
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  11. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    What exactly is bizarre about it? their releasing a version that has all the dlc included plus extra content that can be purchased by the people that already own the game as a seperate dlc

    It's not that hard too understand, if you don't own the game it gives you the opportunity to get everything in one go, if you own the game and just want the 24hr nords and cars you buy the dlc, if you don't want it don't buy it, simple

    And for the record most of the unsuspecting public are complete idiots, just my opinion of course!!
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  12. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I do not know if i should burts with laughter:roflmao: or burst in tears:speechless::cry:...
  13. Gringo


    Ok... sorry guys.

    I do acknowledge that some of the cars and some of the features do deliver on some of the promises and that some of the marketing is not pure hype.

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  14. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Will not be spending any more on this.
    For me I do not have a particular gripe about it or what makes it a lesser of a game than the other driving games I have had. It could be a number of things. Part of it could be the high expectation and price I paid for it (around €60 for the metal box launch edition -sucker)
    The numbers from Steam that follow tell my story from least played to most:

    F1 2013 Classic Edition ROW - €13,74 Played 4.2 hrs = €3.3/hr (realised I had moved on from this simcade racer in 2010 but forgot)
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 €6,99 x2 Played 9.2hrs = €1.5/hr (got this and for my son to try and race/play together - not my type of driving game)
    Project Cars - Limited Edition €59,90 Played 36 hrs = €1.66/hr
    RaceRoom Racing Experience + DTM Experience 2013 (DLC) €12,49 Played 48 hrs =€0.26/hr
    Dirt €19,99 Played 59 hrs = €0.34/hr
    Dirt Rally €22,49 Played 80 hrs = €0.28/hr
    F1 2010 - €30,14 Played 86 hrs = €0.35/hr
    TrackMania United €29.99 Played 486 hrs = €0.062/hr (my son put the hours in. not my cup of tea racer, at least we got our moneys worth and made it the cheapest per hr

    Assetto Corsa € 34,99 + €9.99 + €7.99 + €7.99 Played 739 hrs = €0.82/hr - Getting my name in the credits -priceless.
    This is not counting other titles that I have had on platforms outside Steam. Dirt 2 and 3 are there that I got on sales.The biggest been Forza 4 I had bought for my son but he lost interest in it ( not arcade enough for him) I took it over and the time I put in would be somewhere around 200-400hrs I must have paid full price at the time.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2016
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  15. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    As it is with every sim out there :)
  16. PCars probably counts as a good game, but I found it a disappointing sim and wish I hadn't bothered with it.

    There's no way it deserves to be called Game of the Year, but the hype around this title is insane and some of the sim racing community seem to have lost all objectivity (and often their manners) when discussing this game.

    Slightly Mad will do anything to continue milking it's cash cow it seems.
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  17. PCars sits at the bottom of the sim pile and top of the greedy devs pile.
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  18. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    I agree to a point, but the cash cow comment is way off.
    I was lucky to get a seniors kit which I paid $138AUD for, I played pCars maybe a hand full of times only to determine that it felt like a hyped up re-build of Shift 2 and not my cup of tea.
    But, in the last 6-8mths I have received 3 payments totaling over twice my purchase price in returns from SMS for my senior kit investment in the game/sim-cade. If anything there milking themselves, and there's still one more payment to come.
  19. I have mixed feelings, too: First, there is nothing wrong with such an edition sample - name it GOTY or whatever, that's just marketing - as it allows others to get this game alltogether with the DLCs in one big package. Well, I wouldn't have bought the XB1 version in addition to my PC-Version recently if I would have know that this would come - still hoping that there would be a DLC bundle, too, sometimes, to complete my XB1 version with all the DLCs at once, but I could live without the DLCs there, too, as it's just a second option to play pCARS away from my home PC.

    Second, and that's why I have mixed feelings, I am a little upset that there are still quite a lot of bugs that need urgent fixing (and not much hope that SMS would put in a lot of work anymore to fix them).
    But the most thing that really gets me upset is the uncomplete, not to say broken, multiplayer part with a dedicated server that nearly doesn't meet any needs (and doesn't deserve to be named "dedicated", too) and is in the actual version nearly useless. If I have a look at what other companies, i.e. ISI with its rF2 dedicated or even AC, could deliver, it's really a shame what one has to fight with in pCARS:
    • no real configuration system
    • not even a useful and actual documentation of features and settings
    • no custom grid function
    • no custom livery function
    • no racing result system
    • no multiple racing setup
    • not an in any way useful replay system but instead totally broken save race, too
    ... to name just a few missing basic functions that 10 years older dedicated server systems deliver.

    Maybe for the vast majority of users, that sits on the next gen consoles, it doens't matter at all as they have their own (more or less functioning) multiplayer universe. But for the PC users that want to make any kind of league racing its pretty useless with the lack of basic features. And I have no hope anymore that there would be fundamental additions to this MP features either from SMS or the community ...

    So pCARS has in my opinion evolved from a promising, great looking and driving sim racing title to a dead end casual event racing experience... All my hope and waiting is now focused on other titles (mainly rF2 and AMS plus maybe AC after the next big patches that hopefully bring back a consistent driving experience) and maybe some day pCARS2 ...