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Tracks Pacific Coast 0.824

California Highway 1 (Big Sur) - 23km coast road

  1. Phoenix77 submitted a new resource:

    Pacific Coast - California Highway 1 - 23km coast road (Alpha)

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  2. You're starting an exciting project.
    A lot of work is waiting for you but I'm looking forward to see it finished. :)
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  3. Oh, I've always thought a PCH mod would be fantastic! Good luck with this project.
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  4. Has potential....keep going.
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  5. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    Great little (...) stretch of road. I can only imagine it with all of the atmosphere and objects in place. I'll be watching with interest!
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  6. We need more tracks like these. Can't wait to see it develop :)
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  7. I agree with Hachiroku_88PL

    If you watch some YouTube videos of PCH 1, you'll see the road is not actually that close to the side of the mountains. There are many areas where cars can pull over and possibly make stops for some screenshots. Rooms for vegetation. Not so much trees because after all it is the coast.
    Hope you make this track reversible also. Would make interesting early morning and dusk races.
    Thank you for making this.
    The other Sim race that uses this track is kinda "meh" IMHO.
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  8. Terra21


    Awesome mate.this kind of enviroment will be a great addition for AC.plenty of work ahead but could be something great when done.also the community of talented modders for AC will surely help you along the way
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  9. Lol what a great track already, such a flowing track, perfect for vintage sports cars. And thanks for including a AI line. Doesn't need much more besides guardrails and a few trees maybe. Is this made with RTB?
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  10. Thanks Rouen... Yeah I think it will be a lot of work!
    Maybe shouldn't have attempted a 23km track for my first track lol

    Thanks mate, appreciate the support :)

    Cheers man, will do thanks :)

    Thanks mate, glad you like it so far... It definitely needs some atmosphere to create a better sense of speed... sorting out the terrain and road mesh will be the first job

    Thanks mate, I was looking for something like this for ages... So thought I'd give it a try... Thanks for the support :)

    Will definitely be making a reverse run, but will do that later... The terrain elevation data is from satellite and the road was put down on a satellite image overlayed exactly on top... So the road is put exactly where it is IRL... The only questionable area is how much the road "bed" sits above the terrain. but will be rounding things off so the road doesn't cut into the terrain quite so much... Which will also hopefully eliminate the serious deformation in the terrain mesh that's caused the holes to appear in it... I have an extremely steep learning curve... But hopefully will get there.
    No worries mate... hope you have some fun on this track :)

    Cheers mate, glad you like it so far :) It is a bit daunting the amount of work to do... It might have made more sense to attempt a small track for my first track lol But I got a bit carried away and couldn't stop myself! Yeah there is some seriously talented modders on here (such as yourself) And as my friends and family always tell me... I certainly need help! lol

    Cheers man :) Glad you like it already.... The AI line, track map etc are all subject to change (basically if I tweak the road too much it will affect them)
    But had to add them, as I know it can be a pain when downloading a track and it doesn't have them... Helps to put a grid of cars on and start from last on the grid to learn the track. IRL there are not that many trees... It's more scrub and bushes... A few sections have quite a few trees which hide the drop into the ocean, so I might use a bit of artistic license in places.
    Actually a few people have said to leave the guardrails off as it adds to the danger lol I personally think it needs guard rails... I might do two versions though

    Thanks everyone for your support... And am taken back by the amount of downloads already... Thanks! :D
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  11. Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_countach_pacific_coast_13-10-116-12-47-51.jpg 0.2 update coming soon!
    Including some California Highway Patrol Skins ;)
    Mustang-Pacific-Coast-0.2-01.jpg Pacific_Coast_Countach_Sunset.jpg
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  12. Regarding the reply to my rating, and about the physics distance. Yep its true. Kunos gives a max distance regarding size of tracks since the further you get the more the car will shake. I dont remember the max size but i think the Nords is about the max before it starts to shake.

    I think if this track was made on the side of something like a "volcano" shape (island with water all around) and you were driving along the edge like now, but that it was connected all around, then the distance would not be as far away from center but still have long range and eliminate more of the physics shakes, and still feel the same from the drivers POV. Maybe something to think about with future projects. :)

    But it seems to work anyway. I tested by driving fast and i cant really see any issues with the driving. Maybe if it was even longer the physics jitter could have impacted the driving.
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  13. Phoenix77 updated Pacific Coast with a new update entry:

    Update 0.209

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  14. Thanks for all the info mate, very good to be aware of... Volcano... That sounds like a future project... There is a stunning road in Japan running round a volcano that I was eyeing up doing... But I think PCH will use up all my time.

    Thanks for testing... Road mesh/terrain mesh still needs some more work.... But it's mostly there now.
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  15. Nice update. You should release those skins separately. :p
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  16. Thanks mate, They're an exclusive thank you to all that have downloaded my track... commented... shown support... rated... reviewed and liked :)

    I will release the skins separately later though.

    I hope there will be some cool chase videos... If anyone does any vids... Post a link in here :) I'm also interested to know how fast people can make it all the way to the finish ;)
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  17. I'm having a hard time keeping on the track alone, can't imagine a police chase scenario. ;)
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  18. lol Sure you'll get the hang of it mate... Easiest way to learn it... Is to stick some AI on, start in last place and stick with them, and try to pass them ;)

    I'd recommend downloading my UI tags which have cars grouped by Power to Weight Ratio...
    They can give more control when picking cars... for the starting grid.

    At least with v0.209 there is some terrain either side of the track... so you can (most of the time) afford to go a tiny bit offroad.. get a wheel offroad at the wrong point though and you might not be so lucky and roll it off a cliff ;) lol

    Overall it's a pretty fast track... I can get to the finish in just under 10 mins
  19. Great update, v0.209 feels a lot smoother and is in fact faster from what I can see. There is a funky bump on the right side of the road just after the start and in the second half of the track in the slower sections it is very very bumpy. It wasn't like this in the first version.

    Good job on the meshing improvements. Whats planned for next version?
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  20. road mesh probably too smooth, have you seen lilskis posts on creating a detailed mesh?
    what might be good is if you put the physics road in a separate kn5 file and then we could try a few with different parameters and give feedback.

    Would be good if possible to avoid exceeding the max track size, the first part of the drive is kind of unpleasant with all the glitchyness
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