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CAR TAGS (Power to Weight) & (A0 - A15) 1.3

Car tags for all Kunos cars (1.9) (Sort by Power to Weight Ratio)

  1. Phoenix77
    ** If you use my HeliCams.. You NEED these tags as they are timed using the A tags!!! **

    Replacement Car Tags 1.3

    Sort cars by Power to Weight Ratio... (PWR)

    Easier to pick a grid of similarly performing cars, for racing against AI or as a guide to choose cars for a Multiplayer race.

    To give you an idea... these cars were selected with the PWR 3.0 Tag...


    Sorting by power to weight is a good idea of relative performance but doesn't take into account Chassis / Drivetrain or Tyre specs. To focus the selection, type into the search box Street or Race with the PWR.. selected.

    Power to Weight ratios work well for drag races, ovals or tracks like LeMans with long straights... Because chassis, tyres and drivetrain are less of a factor. For tracks with more corners use the A0 - A15 tags.

    A1 - A15 tags.... With an added A0 as the 595 is so slow.
    Added PWR Groups (lower number = Higher Performance)
    Added 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's tags.
    Added an original tag... to all Kunos cars
    So you can search just for Kunos content.

    Added some Orange tags because... If a tag is on a car that uses a parent car... The tagged car doesn't appear in the selection.
    Before trying these tags... Click on the drift tag... There should be more than 2 drift cars... Shouldn't there?
    EDIT: as of v1.8.1 the drift cars have the been given a #drift tag ;) Kudos to Kunos...

    Removed the tags that are the cars name.
    for example #SF15T, #F138...etc. Why would you want to search for a car by car name?

    Extract to a Temp directory... read the Install Instructions.txt
    I've done this using JSGME to make it easier to see if these are for you or not.

    Also included a backup rar of all the default .json files (as of AC 1.9) Just to be safe, just in case JSGME did something funky.

    If you get use out of this, and would like to say thanks with a coffee or a beer..
    I would appreciate that greatly.. It's not necessary, but it would really help me out.Thanks! :cool:

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Recent Reviews

  1. scolman21
    Version: 1.3
    So useful Phoenix! these are perfect. Makes such a difference to my races now, very close races, thanks so much
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Cheers mate, glad that they're making your races closer, that's exactly why I did them :)
  2. Alex72
    Version: 1.3
    Super! I gave it as suggestion before that better tags were implemented since many players wont know what cars race well together. Thanks.
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      No worries mate... Had to be done... Since the tags went a bit wonky after about 1.5 I think. These generally work very well... But hard to get it perfect as overall performance depends on drivetrain, chassis's and tyres. Have fun selecting cars ;) Thanks for rating :)
  3. dctoe
    Version: 1.1
    This is exactly what I have been looking for since I got the game in 2014! Thank you so very much for your work and sharing!
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Cool :) Glad they're just what you've been looking for mate.. Lucky as I almost didn't upload them... As I didn't think anyone would be interested.
  4. GTman1988
    Version: 1.1
    Now these fantastic ! thanks so much my friend to update ! now 5 star !
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :) And thanks for the feedback... Glad you like them better now
  5. Cheesenium
    Version: 1.1
    Great mod, that would help to fix the messy car classing that Kunos had changed into.
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :) Yeah, I didn't even notice how bad the tags had become.. as after all AC updates I would just check the changelog to see if Kunos had updated any car UI files... Changed any that got updated... Then copied all mine back over... It took me ages to even notice they removed the A1 - A15 tags! lol Hope they help :)
  6. GTman1988
    Version: 1.0
    These work nicely. sometimes not so correct. the tatuus + 250F seem wrong groupe
    1. Phoenix77
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate. If you notice any other errors please let me know in the support section. Thanks for the feedback :)
      Will wait a little while to see if there are any more changes... Then I will update as necessary.