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Misc OSD Mod+Sky Sports F1 HD Live Logo 3.0

On-Screen-Display Mod

  1. Commandz submitted a new resource:

    OSD Mod - On-Screen-Display Mod Transparent

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  2. I've been waiting for exactly this, thanks man!

    couple questions:
    * OSD transparent - how do you mean? I want the start lights, wrong way and clutch help to disappear, but all other information to remain (MFD, messages, lap time, race position). Do I need the 4th version?

    * Can you please also make the MFD/voice menu buttons on the right disappear? It's absolutely useless and immersion ruining that they sit there during the whole race
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  3. Is it possible to show the engine RPM in cockpit view? i always use cockpit view and i don't get why the engine RPM and DRS timer should not be available to those who use cockpit view. if codies doesn't do it, will you be the hero to make this possible? :D
  4. I've tried you mod now, it's fantastic. Now I understand what you mean by transparent OSD. If possible I would like to make a small request :)

    The transparent OSD is too much for me. I love everything else you did, so can you please make a version with

    * no start lights
    * no wrong way
    * no clutch&throttle
    * UNCHANGED OSD transparency
    * removed MFD/voice menu buttons (if this is possible)

    Keep up the good work mate.
  5. Good question I should of been a bit more specific, all the OSD transparency does is make the background (black) be clear the information stays but may not be visible at right times in the race. If you want the start lights, wrong and clutch/throttle to disappear and the buttons, I would say try the third version. I'll make a new variant with just no starting lights, wrong way, clutch and throttle and leave everything as is. As for the buttons completely gone or not visible I'll check. I run no OSD and the 3rd one removes those buttons while racing. I'm hoping I didn't confuse you more, its a bit harder to type then to talk.

    Ensi Ferrum asked this I'm still looking into it though I'm not very certain in myself. I'm not the best in scripts ( trial and error for me) :D
  6. I can hardly wait :)
  7. Would this be to your liking? ;) If so it has some transparency but only for the icons that normally sit on top of the MFD/Dash. 391040_20160913201908_1.jpg
  8. So now it's only the top row of the MFD that has transparency? The microphone icon is completely gone on your screenshot. Yes I think it looks cool!
  9. Correct, I just cleared the buttons/ icons there. Would you like to keep the microphone icon? I'm so sorry for the back and forth.
  10. Well if you have the energy to do it, yes please. I can hardly wait :)
  11. *Edit screenshots 391040_20160914152501_1.jpg


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  12. Commandz updated OSD Mod with a new update entry:

    OSD Mod

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  13. Oops forgot to quote its been updated :)
  14. Commandz updated OSD Mod with a new update entry:

    OSD Mod

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  15. Update on it F1 2016 WIP Thread
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  16. Really nice work m8! i have a question:
    i Really want the starting lights, but All OSD Transparent, is this possible :) thx 4 ur reply :)
  17. Yeah not a problem should take all but 10 minutes, just let me know if you want the mfd's buttons/keys gone as well. I also noticed that if the flags and warnings are set on they aren't transparent (never turned it on) I just wanted to mention it.
  18. ahm yeah, i want the mfd's buttons/keys NOT gone but the Flags and warnings if it is possible also transperent :) thx 4 ur fast reply :)
  19. Hmm copy that I'll have to look into that since I have yet find the code for it. Another question would be Ai name background, would you like this transparent?