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Official Assetto Corsa modding support via Skype!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Aristotelis, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    We have many people asking Luca to become testers. This is NOT what Luca can answer and it is disturbing and time wasting. I this continues we will stop this kind of support

    We hope that you guys will Spread the word and take care of abusers.

    Thank you


    Hey Modders, thank you for trying to enhance the AC experience!
    We are now able to support you more directly and guide you better on your initial work for AC.

    Here's the deal.
    Our 3D vehicle lead artist has some free time (?) during the day and is dedicating this to you.
    He hates writing on forums, emails, pms etc, so I will give you his skype handle and you are free to contact him for voice chat, whenever you want.

    I really really ask you kindly to get organised, gather multiple relevant questions and ask them once at a time, here's a proposal on how to do this:
    - Discuss your doubts, problems and projects here in the forums.
    - Gather your questions.
    - Decide which one of you will talk directly with Luca
    - Call him on Skype for a voice chat and have fun ;)
    - Repeat and don't be afraid if he can't always reply. The actual game comes always first of course.

    Also, Luca will reply as many of your questions as possible, except the ones that can't reply because of NDA, Licensing, or other professionally related reasons. I hope you understand.

    Here you go, take it easy!
    Luca skype handle: lucamir
    skype nickname: mannaggia!
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  2. This is amazing Aris!

    This is why I love you guys!

    We'll be taking full advantage. Cheers. Time to come up with a good set.

    I'll be transcribing our conversation (writing it down) and posting it here if that's alright?

    Hopefully others will do the same so we can all share our knowledge to make the modding as epic as possible for AC! This is a great start already!
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  3. Great, thank you!
  4. OMG! I wish I was a modder lol :)
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  5. That's awesome Aris! However, my spoken english isn't too good, so I'd like someone to be kind and ask these questions for me, please. :)

    1) How many texture maps can be used per car, what sizes can they be used and what format do they need to be saved as?

    2) This may not be able to be answered yet, but doesn't hurt to ask, will there be any kind of visual damage? Like parts falling off or bending? Scratches? etc.

    3) How many LODs a car must have and what are their respective polycount?

    4) About textures again, is the Ambient Occlusion map baked into a separate texture from the rest?

    5) And finally, can regular bump maps be used, or just normal maps?
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  6. That's just another level of customer support! Outstanding! :thumbsup:
  7. How will files need to be structured? By name, hierarchy etc?
    Can we have "digital" gauges or use animated textures?
  8. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Fantastic!! Awesome!!! We have the chance to talk to "Leonardo da Vinci" 3D artist of Kunos Simulazioni.Lets build some questions.:thumbsup:


    Looks like the questions were already made once so i`ll delete mine:)
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  9. Dinca your 2nd question is answered already from Aristotelis if you mean this:
    "as a total number, 4-5k are great for each rim+tyre."
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  10. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Sorry it passed me,thanks
  11. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    how far the dev/modding tool will be able to edit? Is it close to Zanoza Modeler functions?
    - edit vertex, edge, polys?
    - rotate, move, scale?
    - edit UV maping?
    - edit materials?
    - calculate normals?

    Is there free asset like trees, and other stuffs?

    Is there mod sample? A real example of the basic structure or can we open Kunos's files to spy how it made?

    Is the grass made with a tool wich is like to paint something in the map and 3D grass appear (like the Cry Engine does)?

    Then, can we create new object managed like the grass (example : corn, wheat)?

    Then how many object like that can we create if there is a limit?

    About one only car like the Abarth, what is the amount of memory of full ingame 3D file size, the amount of memory of full ingame 2D file size, and the amount of full ingame soud file size?

    Can I ask the same for tracks, 3D and 2D full memory size?

    And what is the environnement size limits? 16km x 16km or something around?

    Another different thing, GPbikes have a distance limit to show polys/object, like a sphere around the camera wich seems to do not allow a very long distance view on a large map. Is AC the same? It can affect the way I'll choose to create and manage ressources.

    By the way, is there any limits that you could see with the 3D engine or in creating script for new features?

    Is there a way to add new input for new features in the game option?

    If I have the same rim for all 4 wheels, Can I give only 1 rim file to load and let a dummy where the rims should be into the body file?
  12. Uhhh... You can certainly do all that in whatever 3D modeler you are using to make your BMW, Aris said once that their editor uses fbx files exported from external modeling programs, such as Max. My guess is that the car editor itself will only have the essential tools used to make the car work ingame, like materials setup and physics setup, also Zmod is an actual 3D modeler like Max, the difference is it's widely used for modding.
  13. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    Export is lost time way to edit a litle thing, Zmodeler was just perfect for that

    Export is never perfect and you ll have to rework the model at each stage of the integration, when you'll see something wrong. But the question just need a yes or no :)
  14. Hopefully someone will compile the Q&A so that other modders aren't left out in the dark :)
  15. Oh I just thought about something I think nobody asked before (or maybe even thought about):

    Can we make pilot add-ons? I mean, if we are able to choose the pilot model for the car we are gonna drive ingame, it would be great if we could add custom pilots into the game. :)
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  16. Cool, I just chatted shortly with Luca "da Vinci", but I was unfortunately unable to talk at the moment =( just wanted to add him and say thanks! =) I will talk to him tomorrow, if he is available. I also need to write down some questions first ;)

    I am just reading other's questions so I'll "forward" them to him. Most of those you asked are very important to me too ;)
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  17. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    It could be nice if you, Nothke, can speak with him cause you already did that with him, you're the man! :D

    Maybe, you can record sound from skype with fraps or other tool, then, write us quietly what he said ;)
  18. I believe this is only to talk about 3d stuff, no? But not about the physics engine and so.
  19. haha, great, but only if you promis to make a cartoon that goes with the recording xD xD xD
  20. Assetto Corsa ist a 'Must Have', that is clear!
    Can't wait to put my hands on it, but look at www.3dobjektdesign.de and the category AUTOMOBILE
    3 BMW 328 will be prepared for this high expected sim, for sure!

    !!! Kunos Simulazioni --- great Job !!!

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