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Nissan GTR & Corvette @ Silverstone - Wednesday July 3rd 2013

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Stefan Woudenberg, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Event Details
    Car: Corvette and Nissan GTR
    Track: Silverstone
    Mod: download here
    Weather: Random
    Road condition: Green - Natural processing
    Tyre wear: x2

    Time Schedule
    19:00 GMT - Practice
    19:30 GMT - Qualification
    19:40 GMT - Warm-up
    19:45 GMT - Race 20 laps

    Server and Teamspeak password: click here

    Entry list:
    1. Stefan Woudenberg
    2. Liam Fassam
    3. Calum McLure
    4. Jordy Bonnet
    5. James Andrew
    6. Bram Hengeveld
    7. Ian Franssen
    8. Matej Lakota
    9. Matt Sentell
    10. Tiens Van Zyl
    11. Tapio Rinneaho
    12. Christopher Hall-Nelson
    13. Aleksi Kivelä
    14. Tamás Fóth
    15. Driver
    16. Pär Öqvist
    17. Matt Horst
    18. Pete Bone
    19. Paul White
    20. Driver
  2. Sign me up please Stefan, thank you
  3. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Sign me up please :D
  4. up for this one ;)
  5. Never driven the new Silverstone in any game, ever. Looking forward to this. Sign me up.
  6. Love driving the GTR here . :)
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I am in as well
  8. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    I have two questions. Tyre wear normal or 2X and is it normal, I am 4 sec. faster with GTR than C6, or I am just bad, bad Corvette driver ... even worse than with GTR :).

    Sign me up, please, I am 99% sure, I will be home for qualy.
  9. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    The Nissan is GT1 and the Corvette is GT2 so there is a difference in pace :thumbsup:
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  10. `Tyre wear should be x2
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  11. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    Thanks both of you :thumbsup:.
  12. Server is up with 2x tyre wear.
  13. I'm in.
  14. Are these cars faster than the Meganes, especially through corners? If so, I'll probably give them a try :D
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  15. I would also like to sign up please :D
    Can't believe Dewald Nel is racing tin tops for a change! :p
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  16. Shockingly horrifying, but I think I'll survive this time :p

    Haven't signed up yet, however, since I dunno how fast they are yet.

  17. Do it GTR is a LOT of fun
  18. OK I'm in for sure now :D
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  19. Aleksi Kivelä

    Aleksi Kivelä

    I'm in.
    Last race all other cars disappeared from the grid and I drove the whole race alone. My position updated every time I finished a lap and I was 7th in the end but I didnt see a single car in the whole race. If anyone has a solution for this it would be much appreciated. My guess is µtorrent which could have caused some sort of connection problem but i'm testing all kinds of things now.
  20. TTupsi


    I'm in!