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new user amazed at some of the track mods

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by sunshinewelly, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to those people who have created the track mods.

    some of them are as good as the official tracks - i am gobsmacked at how these are made
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  2. I second that wholeheartedly!

    Tracks like Paul Ricard and Bridgehampton are just on an amazing standard. Have not been able to stop running the 650s gt3 paul ricard blancpain combo.
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  3. Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch

    Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch
    Scuderia Sprezzatura Premium Member

    I would add Donington Park to that list, too.
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  4. cheers for Lily - looks a great track
  5. Definitely Donington yeah, it looks and feels like official content all the way. That hillclimb looks amazing too although hillclimbs and rally aren't really for me, might have to give that a go though.

    Being a new player myself too, a question for all: Are there any other tracks that are up to these cream of the crop type standards?
  6. Wow there are so many...
    Ok I'll try to tell you only about non-hillclimb tracks!;)
    How about Blackwood? There are two versions of it though, and not everybody like the Reloaded version apparently (I love it personnally).
    Blackwood v1.02 =>
    Blackwood Reloaded v0.8 =>
    Autodrom Grobnik v2.71 is really great too =>
    Mills Metro Park v1.1 =>
    Montreal v0.37 =>
    Bathurst v1.01 =>

    Also, even if they don't look as great as Kunos tracks, I think you should check EVERY track made by "Rainmaker".
    Avoid the ones on RD as they're outdated though.
    If you have an account on NoGripRacing, you have access to many of them there =>

    etc. There are countless tracks for you!:)

    P.S: "ACU" tracks are illegal conversions (right?) but unfortunately they're also the best looking ever. Look up Estoril, it looks incredible.
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  7. @Tiago Lima does top quality track conversions; you can find many of his tracks here but there are also some that are only available through his youtube channel.
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  8. Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch

    Kurt "Yoda" Kalbfleisch
    Scuderia Sprezzatura Premium Member

    Oh, yeah! Good call on Blackwood, @Lily Starfox!

    I find the Reloaded version to be a little excessive on the scenery, but I understand the appeal. It's a fun track, whichever version you use, and it's worth getting Reloaded and the V1.02. (V1.02 also includes some goodies like no-chicane track configurations, reverse running, and an offroad complex.)
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  9. what are these ACU tracks
  10. PaulH

    Premium Member

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  11. Grobnik is my very favorite.
  12. just a quick thanks to lily starfox and everyone for their tips, they will keep me busy for the coming days i think :)
  13. jimortality

    Premium Member

    What about car mods? Yes there are plenty but who's the stand out modder for these.
  14. burrito

    It's an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Premium Member

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  15. jimortality

    Premium Member

  16. burrito

    It's an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Premium Member

    Aside from payed mods from people like URD etc, if it isn't on here then it's not worth your time/money.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
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  17. Indeed ACU track conversions are illegal rips.

    Doesn't stop RD hosting them though, including the Bathurst you linked in your post.
  18. Last edited: Jul 28, 2016
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  19. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Member Premium Member

    Common mate. You know how it works here at RD. We can only react about illigal mods and/or rips when YOU ppl report them to us.
    So, if you think a mod is illegal, click on the REPORT button please.
    Thank you,
    Andrew :)
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