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New screenshots of iRacing v2.0 content

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. iRacing has posted some new screenshots of content that will be released with the iRacing 2.0 update. The first picture is the Honda LMP ARX-01C parked alongside the Ford GT. Both cars look fantastic and will be sure to have all the great attention to detail shown in all of iRacings cars to date. You can be sure that these cars will feature in an iRacing event here at RaceDepartment as soon as they are ready to roll out of the garage.

    Next up is the mid build screenshot of the speedway at Iowa. In this shot you can see some of the laser scanning detail that goes into making these tracks so true to life.


    Here's a screenshot that should make any racing fans heart leap, if it didn't then check your pulse - you may be dead! It is of course Suzuka which is nearly ready to race.


    The next two shots are of the Honda LMP ARX-01C and Ford GT cars

    And finally a screenshot I'm not always so keen to see before getting a car - the cockpit. I like to see the car but then only see the cockpit the first time I jump in and race, it just leaves a little suspense before the release but here's the cockpit for the Honda LMP ARX-01C. Just behind the wheel you'll see the in car TV.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kevin,and is it just me or is Iracing just getting bigger and bigger and better and better :good:
  3. Ford GT........ Drooooooool...........Drooooool..........

  4. No its not just you, I'm really excited about the future for iRacing. There are other great sims coming like rFactor 2 but iRacing keeps raising the bar higher and higher with each new release.
  5. Makes you wonder on how much 100% ownership off all the content would be in 5 years from now :rolleyes:..............no I don't want to know
  6. Yeah if you get in the 100% club now though with each new bit of content you'll earn 25% discount if it takes you back to 100%
  7. Yeah when I pre-ordered the two cars and two tracks coming I got the 25% again as well... That takes a bit of the sting out anyway... lol I am with you guys for sure. iRacing is getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what is coming for the future. I'm still very hopeful that sometime we will have all tracks that F1 races on but with problems like the Montreal junk I could see how that might not happen.
  8. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    Considering the 25% discount, the oppertunity to earn credits and the deals iRacing throws in every couple of weeks/months, I think you can get off pretty low-budget after the initial investment. I didn't pay a penny for the contents of 2.0.

  9. Yep true besides that I would want to miss it for the world :wink: (I don't see myself going all nascar in my real life car,lol)
  10. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Please explain us n00bs how you did that :) I love no spending pennies :)
  11. deals like
    -pay 99$ for year sub get back 30$ in credits
    -pay 75$ get aditional 25$ in credits
    -series participation (max 10$ per season)
  12. The renewal offers usually happen around June & November (Black Friday in the US).
    There is also $5 at the end of every years membership.
    Preorders occasionally have credits back, just not this time since the 10% discount already applies.
    Referrals get you $10

    Since July 1st 2010 I've spent $123.47 which includes

    Pocono Raceway
    Dover International Raceway
    Williams FW31
    Sprint Car
    Iowa, Suzuka, Ford GT & Acura LMP2 and a years subscription.

    Since a years subscription alone is $99, all the content in the last year has cost me $24.47
  13. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    For me it was slightly more expensive;

    I am almost day-1 iRacing member since June 25, 2008. All subscription costs in total is $379,50. (my subscription end at July 31, 2012)
    So roughly iRacing costs me $7,74/month; $92,94/year. It is a bit high because the initial price was higher and the discounts were not available in the beginning. Now I focus on those early subscription discounts in which you only pay about $60/year. So, over time my average costs will be lower.

    Speaking on content; also the content was initially more expensive. In total I paid $685,89 for the content. I ordered some content alone (no discount, some for free because of the iRacing credits you receive while buying stuff).
    My content costs me $19,05/month from June 25, 2008 till today.

    For me iRacing costs me on average $19,05 + $7,74 = $26,79 (Eur 18,62*)
    * The currency is not always the same in 3 years time, so this Eur amount is of course not correct.

    Yes, it is extremely expensive in terms of content. In terms of subscriptions and service/upgrades/etc you get it is a bargain.
    How do I pay it? I used to donate every month on at least 3 websites. Which in total was more then only <20eur. I stopped donating a while ago which makes up a bit for this expensive hobby.

    Talking a bit more about the hobby. Yes iRacing is expensive, but also you need to see it in perspective. I read about simracing fans buying lots of hardware; state of the art PC's and videocards, costing hundreds of dollars. A decent high-end PC will cost you around 1000-1500 eur (or higher if you are a freak). That is excluding simracing gear. A G27 is around Eur 250 here. Others buy fanatic wheels which are even higher priced. Or Frex/Ecci/etc. Don't forget Playseats or other sim-rig. We talk about hundred/thousands of euro's, but the game is too expensive :)

    But in the end, i agree it is expensive and I can understand for lots of people it is not worth to get because of the pricing.

    Okay, back on topic for me :) Suzuka/LMP/Ford... bring them on :)
  14. Suzuka looks the biz and so does that cockpit... drool.... cant wait to get them...
    Do you think there will be more night tracks in iR2.0?
  15. Hehe with all the "100% contents" talk, I thought I'd try to top yours one better. I started iRacing on March 19th 2011. I was hooked from day 1. One day I wanted to try the Chevy Silverado, so I bought it plus a few ovals. Next day I wanted to try something else. And so it went on..
    I had 100% iRacing contents April 27th.. :rolleyes::pizza::confused:
    What can I say, I guess I had a little extra cash in my bed matress.. :no:

    IRACING ADDICT!! :mad:

    Ok back to topic.. Ford GT on Suzuka circuit is the first thing I will try when they release this, can't wait! :D
  16. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Its a fun of topic subject, it kinda triggered me to find out how much my monthly coast have been.
    I pended a total of $ 836 since juli 2009, and iam subscribed untill juli 2012, 100% content.
    36 months / 836 =23,3 dollars a month, i can still justify that for a hobby i like. If you want to get the most for you money make sure you make every transaction at iRacing a 25% off deal. Don't buy single items if you plan on staying with the service!
  17. I'm getting better but i screwed up on a few deals over the last few days so didn't quite get the best deal.

    .....I only meant to give it a 1 month trial, i've spent $150 on new content in the last few days :eek:
  18. LINK to picture as picture is too big for forum, and i'm too lazy to re-upload

    also to get back on topic :)
  19. the link is dead. hotlinking is not allowed on virtualr.net
  20. When hotlinking kills VirtualR, what would this be then :)