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netKar Pro 1.3 is out

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Sérgio Marques, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. well, not really yet,:D:D but

    here is a good topic to anyone make the announcement!

    Happy new Year to everyone!
  2. LOL! Happy New Year to you Sérgio!
  3. That's just mean. :(
  4. LMAO...that's as bad as last night when i see Brams nords post. I nearly fell off my chair thinking nords had been released!
  5. Omg Sergio, don´t play with us..

    I'm so excited about this version and you do this to me?

    Boas entras e saídas claro, que 2011 nos traga o dito cujo :)
  6. Just be calm, the key for it is on the way!


    Twister give it to me...
  7. Can't explain what happened to me after going into the thread, don't do it again :lol:

    You really do love pirates of the Caribbean don't you? It's awesome, can't wait for the fourth.
  8. lol my thoughts exactly. :(
  9. Bram's Nord post was more a hint for someone that will be getting nkp soon.....
  10. i had a big grin on my face until i read the first post LOL. april fool's day is still far ahead :D
  11. Sérgio, we all as a community hate you!

  12. :damnit: We never can trust in a pirate!
  13. hahaha :D
  14. If you believe the rumors, 1,3 will be released tomorrow =)
  15. In time for Epiphany. :)
  16. Ah its finally out now. :party:
    You will find the the new version in the hidden download section of the nKPro homepage. Check this out:
  17. Downloading now! Loooool!
  18. Is this a joke or what? Is it really on the website or am I just being fooled?
  19. No way, just look at that dark clouds in the picture!
  20. Yeah nice photoshop work :D. Lets hope tomorrow will be the day.