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Mods MotoGP 16. Faster & Advanced A.I MOD 1.0

Harder, Faster, Furious Ai behavior

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  2. I tried it (v0.5) and here are a few lap times for your chart.

    Track : Modded / Vanilla
    - Valencia : 1.26.1 / 1.28.7
    - Sachsenring : 1.19.9 / 1.21.0
    - Mugello : 1.44.1 / 1.46.1

    Like with other mods that did the same thing in the previous games, they go wide in almost every corner and on some tracks it becomes chaotic.
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  3. I wonder how bad Turn 3 is at the Red Bull Ring lol. They already run off the track a mile wide at their original pace.
  4. That turn is actually really bad xD, EVERYONE goes super wide, and 7/8 pilots slide down
  5. Yes and if you don't have enough distance between yourself and the guy behind you it doesn't end well. No matter how late you leave the braking somebody will absolutely murder you from behind.

    Kinda ends up like this...

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  6. il look into it
  7. thx for the feed back on the laps, however fixing the ai from going wide will make me re-test track times since they will be slower, in theory. I will try to make them not crash, later il try to make them stay the trayectory... see if its possible...:O_o:

    What tracks are "chaotic" as you say? someone pointed out the red bull track for example.

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  8. In semi pro mode, qatar, pilots make a lap time of 1,52 the fastest one. Could you make a mod to make a faster speeed on user motorbike please?
  9. Almost all the tracks have at least one corner where it happens, some more than others. Red Bull Ring just came to my mind because Turn 3 is probably the worst out of all the tracks. The AI leaves the braking so late that you can't seem to stay out of their way when you are in front of them. If you don't get knocked down you get bumped off your line at the very least. Happens at Turn 1 at Mugello and Barcelona pretty bad too.
  10. the A.I is about 10 km/h faster than me on the straight....not really realistic

  11. Thanks for the feedback; however it’s pretty obvious that that is not the end game of the mod. Other mods do try to do this. After all, as specified in the Overview .

    AI has been pumped, are faster, more aggressive, powerful...bla bla bla... Don’t expect a fair fight”.​

    That said,..I know what you mean, but if it’s too fast just turn down the difficulty or physics to adjust to your pace depending on the map. At least, that’s what I do.

  12. Your mod is perfect for me, an absoloutely fantastic job! i raced on my career and it happened to be in silverstone like yesterday's race :) What a battle i had with lorenzo. Incretible! My only tiny problems are that in the straight i think the ai should be just a liiitle bit slower and also in simulation mode atleast for me it is impossible to win :) Other than that, you made a fantastic mod that revived the game for me again because it was too easy. Bravo my friend, Bravo!

  13. Thanks a lot for your comments. Concerning the issues you mention.. yes.. I think in Simulator Mode, the ai, … it’s a little over powered..:unsure:

    The thing is, with the Motogp 15 Mod, some tracks were great in Hard Mode because I found them too difficult in Simulation mode. Others were great in Simulation, for me. It’s the same here. Maybe turn down physics, difficulty... tune the gears… I had to try all that..:thumbsup:

    (btw ones I could beat in simulation, I wished I could have made them faster.. ):mad:

    Comming back to Motogp 16, also…as always, modding motogp puts us in front of a brick wall…:(Because the mod affects the riders behavior horizontally (all tracks, riders.. etc) at the same time, it cannot be done individually.

    This means that if there’s a track that’s perfect for you in simulation (say Silverstone) and another over powered (like Losail maybe), if I make Losail slower, Silverstone will be slower too and you wont enjoy it as much.:p Also other tracks, where the riders were already slow, they will loose that advantage. For me, the obvious solution is to adjust the difficulty/physics/bike to our pace and challenge, even if its means they are faster on straights..

    Bear in mind the level of difficulty in the game varies so much from track to another. I think its because they didn’t optimize the cpu trajectory on all tracks, anyway, because of this some tracks are so easy, others, less easy. This inherent behavior affects the mod directly. :cautious:

  14. I get it and there's no problem for you to fix it. I play with hard mode and struggle a little bit also pro physics because i like the bike to slide a lot. I play a championship on the motogp world thing and once i set the difficulty at the start i can't change it :D Which is good because i talk with myself making like i'm in a press confrence and go like "i don't think i can win here because our bike is loosing a lot on the corners" and stuff like that :) I'm having a blast like i said and thank you for making this mod :) Do you have any plans updating it or is it the last version? I mean as i said no problem with this version but i'm just asking :D
  15. Ah.. i forgot that in Championship you can’t change levels..:whistling:

    However, looking at the issue from a different angle, there is still another option which will be done in the next version.:O_o:

    I’m going to nudge up the other difficulties (Very easy-Easy-Medium-Hard). And see how it turns out. II think there’s a very big gap between the New Hard and New Simulator level. In Jerez for example theres around 1 s : 400 ms. Im going to try and turn it down to 1 second maybe…

    Do you have any plans updating it or is it the last version

    :roflmao: well... yes and no... the only reason I would update the mod would be to make the ai is faster in sim level. And I have a few prototypes …I managed to but a bike in jerez in the low 1:33.xxx (the Ai mod 0.9.7 stands at 1.34.7xx) so its more than a second even faster….


    But having reached v 0.9.7 there isn’t much use in pumping the up the speed of the ai anymore.. imo..

    So concerning the AI, its most likely the last version. There will however be updates regarding Q1/Q1 sector times I promised myself id include.
  16. Thank you for replying... Well to be honest, the q1 and q2 in hard mode is now too damn fast :p I mean they are almost 3 seconds faster than me and i push as hard as posible... Race pace i am able to reach them and have a perfect battle but it's just bad that i can't get good Q1 and never make it to Q2... :( plz fix that if you can for hard mode :) But until you fix it if i put back 0.9.0. version am i gonna have the old q1 and q2 times? And also from 0.9.0. to 0.9.7. did you touch the ai race pace? Thanks :)